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Grannie Hillary Going to Appear Soon

They have already sent Chelsea out.

Soon I predict a wonderful series of pictures featuring Grandma Hillary and the precious grandchild. If the baby isn’t pretty enough, sub a similar baby, no problem. 55 more words

Hillary Clinton

If you watched Obama do his attempted stand up comedy routine at the White House Correspondents dinner Saturday night you might agree that it was a… 591 more words


Businesses paying employees poverty wages are costing taxpayers eleven times the amount benefit fraud cost last year

Taxpayers spend £11bn to top up low wages paid by UK companies

Research published last week by Citizens UK found that companies in the UK are paying their workers so little that the taxpayer has to top up wages to the tune of £11bn a year. 174 more words


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The government wants to save 12 billion on welfare. The taxpayer subsidises low wages to the tune of 11billion. But employers who give low wages aren't vilified - they are given hand outs from the taxpayer to continue what they are doing - and undermining honest employers in the process. Another schizophrenic government policy.

Christians Are Being Systematically Purged From The U.S. Military


If you are a Bible-believing Christian, there is no place for you in Barack Obama’s version of the U.S. military.  Christian service members all over the nation are being…

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Saving College Campuses From Islamists

Frontpage, by Noah Beck, April 20, 2015:

Every democracy must defend itself against those who exploit its liberties to destroy it from within. The West must realize that naïvely open societies are the meals of plotting wolves, and totalitarian ideologies will exploit every freedom and benefit of the doubt that they are given. 1,145 more words

Counter Jihad Report

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The Muslim Brotherhood was able to do this by having unlimited money in the for of Oil Dollars coming back into the country to support Muslim causes and much of it was spent on contributions to politicians in both parties. Unless that money is purged from the system it will be almost impossible to stop the Islamic take over or America.. .

CNN and The Obama Agenda - A collaborative goal to work policy objectives through the media...

In December 2014 CNN ran and episode of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  filmed in Iran.  It seemed innocuous at the time, yet as with all things Turner Broadcasting, it also seemed to be another set up for a larger political agenda item. 655 more words

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Since the media loved Obama they support him in every way they can and it is the media that we have to blame for what we got as most of what has been done to us was known to be what Obama wanted; by his various associations. To days national media is nothing more that a propaganda arm of the federal Government.