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Julie Andrews vs. Carrie Underwood vs. Lady Gaga

Yesterday I reviewed “The Sound of Music” and while I enjoyed writing the review, sorry it was so long, I felt it was incomplete. Not that long ago Carrie Underwood reprised the role of Maria and critics ripped her apart, but Lady Gaga steps up to the plate to do a medley and everyone loves it. 186 more words

Saturday, March 7--Luncheon Literary Society Meeting

Pete Hildebrandt, Luncheon Literary Society co-chair, will host our next meeting at his home, on Saturday, March 7, from 11 am to 2 pm.

Please bring a food item to share as well as written work for which you would like a critique. 41 more words

Good critique technique

When we participate in a critique session, whether giving or receiving, we want to make the best use of everyone’s limited time as well as provide and come away with the most useful information. 79 more words

First Page Critique #47: Contemporary Fantasy

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve done a first page critique! As much as I loved the series, I simply could not find the time to post one every week. 1,223 more words


3 . 2 . 1... let it rip!!!

If you identified what the title was about, you probably had an awesome childhood!

3.2.1…let it rip! Shouting it out like a war cry and ripping the cord out of the launcher with as much force as our little hands could, began an intense battle : The battle of the beyblades! 686 more words


Short Term 12


“Short Term 12″ ended the same way it had started.  In both the opening and concluding scenes, Mason told a story to his coworkers about one of the kids and his time at work.   522 more words