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Overall Yearbook Critique Service NOW OPEN

For some members, your spring yearbooks are fresh out of the box, and for those of you with fall delivery you are wrapping up those last pages. 141 more words

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Difficult Reading

In the past few weeks I have been taking the trains a lot, visiting different cities. While riding the rails I have allowed myself a bit of lighter, leisure reading. 2,033 more words


Coup de foudre à Austenland

“Jane Hayes est une jeune New-Yorkaise en apparence tout à fait normale, mais elle a un secret : son obsession pour Mr Darcy, ou plus précisément pour Colin Firth jouant Mr Darcy dans l’adaptation de la BBC d’Orgueil et Préjugés. 402 more words


“You are not Stanley”: Cyranoids in "The Stanley Parable."

In 1897, Frenchman Edmond Rostand wrote a play entitled “Cyrano de Bergerac.” The play told a story which has since been retold in various other plays and films: an eloquent man (Cyrano) who is in love with a woman, but who finds himself too ugly to suit her (in particular, he is ashamed of his long nose), instead woos her by feeding lines of his own poetry through one of his more handsome but less eloquent friends – essentially using his friend as a puppet for his own affections. 3,200 more words

Website & Brochure Critique

Samantha’s website is overall clean, simple, and easy to read. The content is easy to read and the website is easy to navigate and contains all the needed information for her company. 187 more words


How I Plan to Study Graphic Design + Philosophy

These are the relationships between the dimensions of philosophy and the subcategories I created in order to effectively reflect on graphic design in this manner. It is in the preliminary stages but I hope it grows and becomes more complex over time.

Graphic Design