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Pole-dancing and the end of universities as centres of humane critique

We are living through a point in the history of Western academia so momentous it’s hard for us to wrap our minds around it – namely, the effectual end of universities as centres of humane critique, the effectual end of an enormously rich and diverse and valuable tradition, which has always had to struggle to carve out a task for itself that is often at odds with the priorities of society.

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Random Thoughts

100 Women Co-Creating the P2P Society: Ana Von Teschenhausen | P2P Foundation

It’s instructive to look, too, at location. At a guess, I’d think that the farther apart and away from Libertarian geek culture (which tends to be masculinist albeit exceptions abound), the more one will encounter discursive communities more interested in the process of property as sharing than as possessing. 56 more words


Critique Day

I sit silently with my stools, clutching my notebook tightly, my camera lens points at the interior walls of my wood-shop classroom. I feel the intensity of a group of curious and critical eyes staring expectantly; they are waiting for an explanation from me, but I have none. 287 more words


Dialog with an Inanimate Object

By P.A.Thompson

No, I’m not talking about your spouse…

Anyway, as I was looking around for inspiration for the blog post today I came across an exercise I did for my first online writing class. 680 more words

Critique Circle

Project Planning to Develop Unique Student Vision

There’s an annual event here in Texas called VASE. I will cover it in depth at a later time, I am sure, but for now, if you’re not familiar, it’s a statewide high school art show. 1,651 more words


La concertista Mahani Teave, la ONG TOKI y una serie de artistas locales apoyan las tomas pacíficas que se realizan en Rapa Nui como manera de presionar por la dilatada Ley de Migración. 722 more words


Humdrum or Ho-hum

I’m standing on the platform at Ikoma station. The next train is not mine; it’s a local, the one I need is a semi-express—green, not blue. 433 more words