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Disappearing in the Shade

Status report says I’m being erased

The sun doesn’t show up in this side of the city

What’s the gun for, officer?

Did the melanin in my skin stop the flowers from growing? 159 more words


The Edge of Tomorrow is the best videogame film so far.

Having seen the Robocop remake in the past week, I finally got what some film critics mean when they say that films can descend into a videogame.   472 more words


Foucault and the Non-Fascist way of life.

I would like to respond to Matthias post “The irrelevant” in a comprehensive way. Unfortunately my knowledge of Foucault’s thought  is cursory and, for the most part, comes by way of summaries and interpretations written by third parties. 1,357 more words


A Test

Something took me by surprise
Someone took me by surprise
Spring is almost here
I wish you were always near
I wish this wasn’t a test… 66 more words


Empowering students to be critical

Students often struggle to criticise what they read: many feel that they are not qualified to do so, or not knowledgeable enough.

I try to empower my students to be more critical. 159 more words

History Of Political Thought

The Thicket of Views.

The notion “a thicket of views” came in for a well deserved battering from non-buddhism in the context of the anti-intellectualism endemic in much contemporary American Buddhist populism. 2,404 more words


Memory and Questioning

Sometimes, as a teacher, I feel like I am supposed to know everything.
Really, I hold a collection of facts and understandings that I can share with my students. 383 more words