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The Thicket of Views.

The notion “a thicket of views” came in for a well deserved battering from non-buddhism in the context of the anti-intellectualism endemic in much contemporary American Buddhist populism. 2,404 more words


Memory and Questioning

Sometimes, as a teacher, I feel like I am supposed to know everything.
Really, I hold a collection of facts and understandings that I can share with my students. 383 more words


Cold……calculated crowds

critique conformists creating caricatures…..

Carry on…converse! Contaminate communities…

conclude candid conversations can’t be conducted….

concerning culture


Elijah - Draft - Part 1

One must understand the need for exploration and this is why Eljiah Jacobs packed up his car to visit a ghost.  It was a dare and his girlfriend wanted to go as well.  377 more words


Book Review: "Chasing the Scream" by Johann Hari

I believe that Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs by Johann Hari is one of the most important books currently on our shelves. 749 more words

Critical Thought

Sore Victim

I ran away from a beast last night because I didn’t want to become another victim after a year of togetherness. I caught a glimpse of his metamorphosis that morning. 207 more words


Well, you were warned...

As mentioned, the illustrious ex-Governor of Alaska gets a bit of attention this week.  Well, at least indirectly…

The Iowa Freedom Summit (now there’s a name) was held in late January, and it featured a number of conservative Big Names giving speeches.  480 more words

Critical Thought