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Are you intelligent?

I am always intrigued by people who are described as ‘intelligent.’

What does this mean and why is it so valued. That’s why I was so interested in the studies of Howard Gardener, a psychologist at Harvard University. 297 more words

Alan Fairweather

Proverbial Office Supplies

Consider the life of a paper clip, an unassuming little piece of twisted steel with a heady job: to hold things together. I’d half feel sorry for the little guy, all bent up, ever working to keep things in place, its burden more askew than not at times, and often over the capacity of its capabilities- stretched beyond its means. 541 more words


Chump cheese. The nutrients there are for bottom feeders

Chump cheese. The nutrients there are for bottom feeders

Over time dying newspapers and other publication go on doing that which they do but slowly and surely ability erodes, depth and passion dissipates, the framework stands as a carnival mirror image of what once was and the soul gets dried up, withered and rancid.  129 more words


Speaker TV

This year, I’ve been interning at online Arts Publication Speaker Tv.

With this position, I get to write reviews on newly released albums, reviews on the freshest concerts, Q & A’s with national and international artists, and general writing pieces on cultural events/trends around Australia. 89 more words

Career Development

Fear Music Fear

In my final year of Uni, each student was required to complete a self-driven major project, with the content and structure of the assignment, being within one’s own choosing. 161 more words

Career Development

Pop with Whiskey

Although critical analysis of a popular music artefact is admired, one should be able to communicate those ideas in a way that a reader can easily process. 94 more words

Critical Thinking