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Dumbing down American politics with religion

The Junior High political and civic mentality as a function of campaign and voter intelligence

Who are we as voters that one of the major parties drives around in a clown car in what should be launching itself as a sober and serious campaign for president driven by sober and serious questions… 2,895 more words

Critical Thinking

Can you guess what's really going on here?

Let’s play a little game.

After you read these two articles which recently appeared on The Hill website, can you guess what’s really going on here? 154 more words


Introducing Noether's Theorem in Conceptual Physics

With little advanced notice, I was assigned a section of conceptual physics to teach this semester (because second semester astronomy was cancelled due to low enrollment and replaced with a section of conceptual physics with the same low enrollment..go figure). 1,265 more words


Beware the slothful induction

If ever there was a logical fallacy which seemed to epitomize intellectual dishonesty, it is slothful induction.

Slothful induction, sometimes called “ignoring the evidence,” is the fallacy whereby an inductive argument is denied its proper conclusion, despite strong evidence for the inference.  367 more words


"Was Kansas Actually Bleeding?"

One thing I have learned as a teacher, kids really do say the darndest things!  Recently my Kansas History class started in on Bleeding Kansas, and I realized that very few of my students had retained any prior knowledge on the subject.  474 more words

Historical Thinking

Workshop: Critical Reading, Writing, Thinking - 14 May 2015

(PGT) Critical Reading, Writing, Thinking

‘Critical’ is a word that is frequently used in academic discourse. 86 more words


Digital fluency

“Digital fluency is the ability to reliably achieve desired outcomes through use of digital technology. Literacy means you know what tools to use and how to use…

622 more words
Digital Fluency