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Thinking Skills & The DigiTeacher

There is a commonly held view that teaching Thinking Skills and Technology go hand in hand. Somehow the use of digital media will transform educational practice and the critical thinking skills we so desperately need in the twenty-first century will fall into place. 1,672 more words

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Critical Thinking vs. Critical Spirit

by Guideposts

Learn to discern the difference between critical thinking and having a critical spirit.

Critical Thinking vs. Critical Spirit

Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. 383 more words


SWOT Analysis: A new look and Top questions

How to find out Opportunities and Threats-  These were the top questions I asked: What opportunities to learn are open to me now Or in the near future? 86 more words

Self Development

Alpha... LEAD

Coming into the Alpha Leadership Experience I was super excited because I had heard so many great things about it from others in my LAS cohort that went through it first semester. 496 more words

Meaningful Relationships

Those Darn Trolls


So, for my Leadership assignment for this week, I am required to look into a blogger name Seth Godin and find a blog to share with all of you. 252 more words

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Ted Talk

Im back again!

So, Im not sure if many of you have ever visited the site, ted.com, but I highly suggest you do! I attached a link that will take you directly to the video that I just got done watching, and it is one that I highly suggest you watch. 380 more words


Yes or No?

Greetings all!

Tonight I am proposing a question for all of you to ponder like I have been.. does leadership simply come for a “yes” or “no”? 348 more words

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