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Anti-Essentialism: Re-gaining a sense of (non)self.

“What is being rejected is the idea or discourse of the transcendental self. This transcendental self is depicted as the disembodied rational hero-norm of the enlightenment; but this representation is a mask.

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Social Theory

Prison-like Schools for the Sake of Achievement?

“All day long, an immense amount of time and energy is spent making sure young African-American students are taught to obey.” — Dr. Hadi-Tabassum, Education Week… 221 more words


The Death of All Niggers

Jenkins, Sandy Jenkins, an admittedly mythical brother in his own right succeeded in carving out his own minor place in African-American history. Born a slave south of the… 966 more words


No More "No Excuses:" An Open Letter to Building Excellent Schools

Dear BES and other “No Excuses” school networks:

From your recruitment emails I understand that you are tired of teachers, leaders, and politicians making excuses for why “poor” kids can’t learn.   1,076 more words


Changing the World One Word At A Time

Which voices matter? Must they be male, female, homosexual, heterosexual, transgender, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic, White, Brown, Black, old, young, rich, poor, American citizen, or non-citizen? 94 more words

Critical Race

I Wish I Could Be White for A Day

Earlier this year in one of my law school classes my professor posed a question for the white students in the class, “How much would you need to be compensated to be black from now on?” She went on to ask the black students, “Could anyone pay you any amount of money to be white?” At the time she asked I was probably the only student in the class who was on the fence and couldn’t answer, but now I think I might have an answer.  774 more words

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