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Human trafficking and the “new slavery”: Definitions, enforcement, understanding

Human trafficking is a pervasive problem all over the world. However, there is a difficulty in identifying and processing cases of human trafficking, due to imprecise definitions. 1,222 more words

Human Rights

The Threat of Cross-Dressing in 1920s Britain: a series II

The Painted Boy

       Male cross-dressing was a threat in the 1920s in its inherent connection, as perceived by contemporaries, to homosexuality. Sexual inversion theory, as propounded by Havelock Ellis, strongly linked homosexuality to gender identity; the proliferation of psychological and sexological discourse in the early twentieth century resulted in the circulation of this idea in popular consciousness. 822 more words


Hillary Clinton’s Speech on Criminal Justice Reform, What She Said and What She Didn’t Say

I wasn’t present at Columbia University to witness Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum on criminal justice reform. I read the transcript and oh, it was full of swelling and compassionate sounding words spoken to camouflage her direct assignment which is to capture the, pardon me, “black vote.” However, reading the… 1,256 more words

False Allegations of Satanic Cult Abuse - Revenge Mixed With Blackmail?

Here’s a tale from the Mirror Newspaper about what happens when an unhappy mother, who believes she deserves so much better than she’s been handed by life, decides to take her frustrations out on her local community. 542 more words

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End Revenge Porn...

Erotic images taken by two consenting adults and shared between two consenting adults, with a lot of respect & love on both sides, is not what revenge porn is about. 458 more words

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The latest – 2014 – crime statistics for Berlin´s underground stations are there and they are already causing crowds of reckless tourists to hurry in the direction of the top 5 to find out for themselves. 228 more words