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Is "Breaking Bad" Promoting Crime?

–Guillermo Aguilar

Breaking Bad is considered one of the most successful and critically acclaimed television shows of all time. With a viewers rating of 9.6 out of 10 on IMDB, … 1,621 more words

Breaking Bad

Waar komt het islamextremisme vandaan?

Waar we ons richten tot kennis van evolutie en geschiedenis moet de lezer begrijpen dat aangevoerde gegevens vaak verschillen van bron tot bron, doch in algemene trekken worden die gegevens gebruikt die in vergelijk met diverse bronnen als juist of benaderen mogen beschouw worden. 2,194 more words

Pip's Shadow : Great Expectations

Pip is a character that is greatly haunted by his past. Not having the greatest childhood, Pip grows up to have the constant cloud of crime and prison looming over his head… 304 more words


Pushed to the limit

“So that the whole world knows… Mexico is a fallen country, Tamaulipas is a state governed by the drug dealers, what the hell are you waiting for to do something about it???” 549 more words


For the love of Mammon

These last few days Paradise has been rocked by scandals at the highest levels of society. 388 more words


Stop Thief!

Today, as on every working day, I went into my office in central London with my trusty guide dog, Trigger. On opening my emails I was pleased to see, in among the various pieces of work requiring my attention that a colleague had emailed around saying that, in honour of his birthday he had made a lemon drizzle cake and we (lucky people) should help ourselves. 178 more words