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Josh Dugger is Why America Needs Batman

“Freedom for the wolves has often meant death for the sheep.”  Isaiah Berlin

Things have been done that cannot be undone.  People have been hurt, abused, and ridiculed.   1,079 more words



Peepholes are not just there for fashion or only to make your door way look good, they are actually there to keep you safe. It lets you… 209 more words


London Bitcoin ATM breaks: but does anybody care?

A makeshift ‘out of order’ sign is stuck over one of London’s inaugural bitcoin ATMs. Is this broken machine a metaphor for the fall of the Bitcoin digital currency in the capital? 404 more words


Assigning blame: the "circle of causation" and individual responsibility

Today on NPR, there was an essay on the concept of a “circle of causation”. Apparently, it is popular in sociology and political science circles, and it refers to who you, as an individual, choose to blame in situations, and how that aligns often with your political beliefs and the amount of responsibility you place on individuals, as opposed to collectives.  750 more words

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney Gives False Testimony Cases Defense

Scientific or forensic evidence are usually reliable most of the time—or at least it should be. However, this was apparently not the case when it came to the FBI’s hair analysis process. 100 more words

LESSONS IN LIFE: Cultivating Friendships

LESSONS IN LIFE: Cultivating Friendships

One annoying cliché repeated so often by prisoners who are still green behind the ears is, “A man doesn’t have any friends in prison. 723 more words

Pantai Hill getaway - Shocking Heart Ache!

This incredible act of indecency. This barbaric behaviour of disconnect is truely unbelievable!!!

We saw it for the first time earlier this week. We think its quite recent. 67 more words