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Can better oversight cure Florida's guardianship abuses?

Guardians are court-appointed advocates who use their “substituted judgment” for the benefit of their incapacitated wards, often frail elderly people suffering from dementia, or people severely impaired by accident or illness. 292 more words

It’s not funny. Tasers can kill people.

Have you ever seen someone being Tasered? Have you been? I’m angry and outraged at the use of tasers by our U.S. law enforcement. Personally, I am very afraid of getting shocked by electricity. 451 more words


Driving while black

Is a lot worse than driving while white.  That is, if you don’t like being pulled over by police on minor pretense.  A new study… 303 more words

North Carolina

what my freshman year in college taught me about me

I decided to go to a university that is pretty far from where I live (5 and 1/2 drive). I had never toured the school and I really only applied because my high school participated in College Application Week (CAW) and their application was free! 869 more words

Marijuana hearts and minds

Really interesting new survey from Pew looking at changing attitudes on marijuana legalization.  Most interesting to me, the growing support is much more than just generational replacement– at every age level people are getting more supportive.   129 more words

Criminal Justice

Study: Anarchy safer than arming police officers

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NEW YORK — Americans would be safer in a lawless state of anarchy than they are in the current system that arms peace officers entrusted with maintaining law and order, according to a new study from researchers at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. 662 more words