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The Children of Moll Flanders: Infanticide Run Rampant

When reading through Defoe’s Moll Flanders, one thing that struck me as a reader was the complete disregard Moll had for all of the children to which she gave birth over the course of the novel. 408 more words

Robin Jeffrey

Why Does the FBI Have to Manufacture its Own Plots if Terrorism and ISIS Are Such Grave Threats?

Roger’s note: some of us remember the days when it was joked that the American Communist Party would go broke if the undercover FBI agent members failed to pay their dues.  1,428 more words

Roger Hollander

Small Town Cop; Big Time Police Chief: An Interview with Chief Scott Silverii

Scott Silverii, PhD has been in law enforcement for over 22 years and since 2011 has served as chief of police in Thibodaux, LA. He has often challenged the traditions of law enforcement with progressive leadership centered on community service, accountability and an intelligence-led ideology. 213 more words


$9.2 Million Awarded in Wrongful Conviction that Underscores FBI Forensic Problems

February 28, 2015 – Yesterday Washington D.C. Superior Court Judge Neal E. Kravitz ordered $9.2 million be paid by the District to Kirk L. Odom, 52, in compensation for more than 21 years of imprisonment after he was wrongfully convicted of a 1981 Capital Hill rape and burglary. 403 more words

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Compensation costs of wrongful convictions keep spiraling up and up. This time its in DC.

A Word on Fairness in Sentencing

Any justice system that rests on a foundation of reason must derive its moral compass from clear and rationalized principles. If the law is arbitrarily constructed then it will be arbitrarily enforced. 236 more words


Response to LA Times Article

Los Angeles court Commissioner Catherine Pratt focuses a significant amount of her time on the bench dealing with sex-trafficking cases. Recently the Los Angeles times did a piece on Pratt that highlighted some of the work that she has done in regards to teen sex-trafficking. 344 more words