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Federal Judge Says New Jersey School Can Fire Security Guard Over Discriminatory Facebook Post

A federal judge declared that a New Jersey school district has the right to terminate a security guard who shared discriminatory content on his Facebook page, describing two suspects accused of killing a police officer as “black thugs” and suggesting white people riot against them. 145 more words


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Law Enforcement Family Stress: When Counseling Counts

Police culture still struggles with acknowledging the serious effects that long-term exposure to traumatic events has on an officer’s mental and physical health. These events can be harmful even for officers who have displayed resilience throughout their careers. 547 more words

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Anarchist Approaches to Crime and Justice: Community Self-Defense

It’s nearly impossible to follow current events and not be thoroughly aware that not only are police forces better equipped than they’ve ever been, with tanks and tactical gear and new crowd control techniques, but that they’re also increasingly more aggressive and deadly. 2,060 more words

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Angelo West and Why All Black Lives Matter

A recent piece by Boston Globe Columnist Kevin Cullen, titled “Three Strikes and He Was Out On Streets Again,” is horrifyingly misguided, but if you can stomach it, it’s worth reading in order to think through the political understandings underlying the argument. 1,171 more words


Give Criminals Respect? Compassionate Prisons in Norway Prove that US System is Inhumane

This is logic, compassion, and respect for human life and dignity, in action. I’m impressed and also hopeful. As these sensible ideas from healthier countries spread around the world, more people with power will see that the ends do not justify the means. 84 more words


Infographic of the day

Via a really interesting Vox post on the death penalty.  All the ways Americans have performed legal executions through history:

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