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GoFundMe Site For Six Charged Baltimore Officers Taken Down After 41 Minutes

Like many, I am still waiting for the evidence used as the basis to charge the six officers in Baltimore for the death of Freddie Gray. 466 more words


Freddie Gray, Baltimore, and Why I Refuse To Call What's Happening There "Riots"

The death of Freddie Gray isn’t just the most recent high profile police killing, it’s also one of the most horrifying. Pulled off the street for no reason (the official explanation is he was carrying an illegal switchblade, but no reason has been given for why police chased him in the first place except for the fact that he ran — and what sane black man… 715 more words

Police Violence

Send In The Clowns

“They make a desert and call it peace.” Calgacus; enemy of Rome.

Officials in Baltimore today praise the results of their draconian collective punishment, a city-wide curfew, in response to the bursting boil of built up disgust with police brutality from high school kids rampaging after being pepper sprayed. 665 more words


Why Is Baltimore So Angry?

The cameras of the world are focused on Baltimore right now. But the story of Baltimore’s current unrest didn’t start with the death of Freddie Gray. 29 more words


Honestly Speaking...

Today is National Honesty Day, no joke. But it is ironic that the person who invented this “holiday” was the Press Secretary for an ex-Governor of Maryland, M Hirsh Goldberg. 543 more words

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The Naked Truth

By Jim Kirwan

At the core of the global problem ­ everywhere today ­ is the total inequality between those who create whatever is being made or sold and those who supposedly “own” the products, the corporations, the governments and the banks – worldwide. 1,092 more words


The Israelification of American Law Enforcement

The Israelification of American Law Enforcement, a clear and present danger. America’s law enforcement has been training in Israel for years with the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces or more appropriately the Israeli Death Forces) and the Israeli police. 130 more words