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Texas Crimes Misdemeanor (Penalties)

In Texas, there are two levels of criminal activities.   Misdemeanors are for lesser violations and deal with the more  serious violations.


Although these are the lesser charges, they can still greatly affect the person’s life.   183 more words

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Mecklenburg Criminal Lawyers

When a person gets convicted under certain charges, the person who turns out to be the life Savior for the accused is his or her lawyer or the criminal lawyer, to be more specific. 425 more words

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David Jordan

David R. Jordan is an esteemed attorney who is currently making headlines due to his involvement in an extremely high-profile case related to the Navajo Presidential Election. 175 more words


Martin E. Kohler

Title: Partner, Attorney
Company: Kohler & Hart, SC
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Memory Research and Problems with Eyewitness Evidence

By Maria Konnikova

The New Yorker

Within the brain, memories are formed and consolidated largely due to the help of a small seahorse-like structure called the hippocampus; damage the hippocampus, and you damage the ability to form lasting recollections. 549 more words


Distinctions Make the Difference

In our previous post, we discussed the importance of understanding and applying scientific and mathematical laws in the context of a civil law suit. In this piece, we explore how and why those skills are just as important, if not more so, in criminal litigation. 609 more words

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Does Your Lawyer Understand Metrology, or the Science of Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Forensic Measurements?

If I told you that a trial lawyer in a criminal or personal injury case must be equipped to understand Forensic Metrology, laymen would look at you as if you had two heads and a lawyer who did not understand it would dismiss the notion entirely. 792 more words

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