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Buddy Holly..."That'll Be The Day"

“That’ll Be the Day” is a classic early rock and roll song written by Buddy Holly and Jerry Allison and recorded by The Crickets and various artists including… 77 more words

Classic Rock-n-roll

Game, Set, & Match

Game, Set, & Match

The lady at the pet shop emptied the second scoop of live crickets into the plain brown paper bag on the counter and closed it with three folds and two staples. 3,203 more words

from Spring Songs (12)

from Spring Songs (12)


Midnight. In a corner of a room
a few days away, a half century crouches.

In the dark the corners of the years round up… 87 more words


Wayward Pines - you had me at crickets

A long time ago, there was a show called “Push, NV” full of quirky characters and a mystery.  Clues were hidden within the show, both for the story and for a contest. 414 more words


Please tell me you're going out, tonight...


Today I took part in a photo shoot, and I felt beautiful -still do!

(crickets are ok is steppin’ up her um..crickets) 42 more words


New nutrition craze appears to be crickets

DENVER — Forget soy or almonds. They’re good, nutritional food. But crickets appear to be the new nutrition craze that are going to leave those others in the dust. 43 more words


Cricket Castle and Cricket Baby Houdinis

The cricket population is exploding and we needed a room to house all the bins. I found an indoor gardening tent that is 10’x10′ and set it up. 125 more words

Fish Food Project