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How to Creep Without Being Creepy

If you have a social networking site, it’s likely that you’ve been spammed.

We’re not talking about junk emails or meat in a can, but “like-spamming.” 509 more words


Warning GROSS: Creep caught masturbating on train

United Kingdom: A man catches a creepster on a train “bashing himself off”.



Normally I would post my busshenanigans on FB, but the post would be too long and I would like to save anyone time reading something they don’t care about. 679 more words


Will you shut up?

So basically, there’s a situation at my workplace. This guys is hilarious. He stares at people’s computer and then make comments on whatever is visible there, irregardless of its privacy. 234 more words


We of all the small ones grew up and were changed
We all the small ones went to the store
We grew up and changed, we grew and changed, we transfigured and expanded… 175 more words

Uber Creep

A lot of people use Uber and have nothing but good things to say about it. I have used it in the past, but prefer to either drive myself or walk places. 420 more words


Music Soothes the Savage Beast

There is a wide variety of music out there. My favourite is remixes. Here are a few songs that I enjoy for different reasons.

One song that is great when the feeling for a slow song hits is Creep by Radiohead. 240 more words