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Serial Killer

Put it down

put it down  please?

That’s it.

Good girl.

Now you’re my slave okay?

I can see what you look like

I can see us together. 132 more words


Joe the Creep

By Chef WriterJosh/Josh Parker


I’ve worked a lot of odd jobs over the years. What can I say? The economy sucks.

My level of education is not sufficient to get hired at the jobs where you make the big bucks. 3,455 more words


Unless you’re probably really young or have no knowledge whatsoever of those 90’s alternative classics, you’ve probably heard this one, by Radiohead:

It is a great song, filled with that oh-so-very-90’s feel of inadequacy, awkwardness and that feeling in your gut that just tells you how freaking deep it is. 73 more words


Sexy Radiohead's Creep: Every 90's Kid Will Freak

When I first heard about this song/video, I was like, “Who the hell is Haley Reinhart?

She was on American Idol.  Yeah, I know, she’s disgusting.   94 more words


GIVE ME MS PAINT OR GIVE ME DEATH; Why MS paint should be recognised as a legitimate creative tool ( + MS paint works)

Being an “artist” means trying new things. But sometimes it’s not so bad to look at the things we already have as a means of creating. 745 more words


Danny Morelli of Staten Island is a fucking creep!!!

This is Danny Morelli.

Danny looks like a normal guy, loving family, healthy. Danny Morelli is 25, born June 18, 1989, and lived in Staten Island where he graduated from Tottenville High School. 183 more words

Child Molester

Writing 101 - Day Eight: Death to Adverbs

“Smells nice over heeeere!”

The drunk stumbles behind me, too close for comfort. I think I feel him take a whiff of my hair as he passes. 368 more words

Writing 101