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Reminder: Hallmark's Ornament Launch In July Is Not Christmas Creep

We take a firm stand against Holiday Creep, which is when retailers start to merchandise and decorate for a given holiday months in advance. The offending holiday is usually, … 252 more words


Infinite Respawncast - Shut That Dog Up or We'll Review Terminator Genisys

Want to listen to two people complain about how boring a movie about robots killing people is? Well, Chris and Dylan burn through a review of  278 more words


That Psycho

Too many sodas
Break it up break it down
Starting to taste better
Done raw
Stumbling over the chills
Rumbling through the weather
Talking to the sidewalls… 60 more words

A Midwestern state of emergency

 So lay me down in this field and put me under the trees in the tall grass where they won’t find me. ~Silverstein

Heya, Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July! 115 more words

Prison I Call Home

I am sitting in the dark,

Like I always have,

In this prison I’ve created,

Building walls all around me,

Keeping all the horrors out, 10 more words

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[Dota 2] Mengapa Titik Temu Creep/Creep Equilibrium Itu Penting

Dalam artikel sebelumnya mengenai perbedaan tiga Lane, saya selalu menyebutkan titik temu creep, atau Creep equilibrium sebagai salah satu faktor yang membuat masing-masing lane unik. Saya memasukkan itu bukan sekedarnya saja, karena… 429 more words


A spider of sorts, luminous

Interior: Dark. A bedroom. The bed takes up most of the room, with a bed-table next to the right side of the bed. There is a lamp on the table. 196 more words