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Credit Card Basics

Credit cards are both good and bad. Credit cards allow you to purchase products if you do not have cash on you current;y or your debit card.   446 more words

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Le prêt familial ou amical pour tous soucis financiers

Crédit familial

Il est très commun de se tourner vers un membre de sa famille ou encore ses amis en cas de soucis financiers. Cependant, le demandeur de… 44 more words


Talking 'bout Plastic - Credit Cards an Intro

I think it’s high time we tackled credit. There’s a lot of ground to cover, so per usual, let’s break this into multiple posts. We’ll start, though, with credit cards as that’s what people are typically most familiar with. 624 more words


9 Real Estate Myths That Need Debunking

9 Real Estate Myths That Need Debunking

Real estate myths are often passed around among buyers and sellers. Some of them have some truth; others are outright false; and still others depend on a variety of factors that are best discussed in depth.

57 more words

Copyright, copywrong

The author of this blog is not an expert on Copyright Law and the following content is opinion, not fact.

Addressing the issue of copyright and ownership of materials produced in the new media environment is incredibly convoluted. 373 more words

Assignment Response

Most Common Form Of Identity Theft

By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - What’s the most common type of identity theft? Probably not what you think.

The Federal Trade Commission just completed its survey of identity theft and found that the most common form of identity theft is tax identity theft. 205 more words

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Standard Deduction vs Itemized Deductions, The Most Common Tax Questions in Your Thirties- Part 2

It’s still tax time! If you finished your taxes already, kudos to you!

For everyone else, lets get some more questions answered..(and for the record, I haven’t finished mine either, so don’t worry).   456 more words