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The Scant (Revised)

The Scant


The sky was clear on the day of harvest. The awkward sound of the wind blowing through dead limbs of petrified trees echoes across the plains and high into the air. 1,549 more words


Tuesday's Fox

oh, I hope your day was a happy one.  We have continued to make stamps until I think my fingers are going to fall off!  Someone once described my life like a theatre set ( I’ve never been on one but can imagine it!).   62 more words


The Scant

The sky was clear on the day of harvest. Bird-like creatures, approximately four feet long with broad wings spanning six feet across, glide across the sky. 1,298 more words


The origin of creatures by Floris Kaayk

Check this excerpt of the short animation of Floris Kaayk. A Dutch guy who makes wonderfull and strange animations.

Moar Comics!

Here’s page three.  So yeah I got ahead of myself.  I’m working on page one and four concurrently.  The story thus far – our space traveler has crashed his craft on a dead planet.   54 more words