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Hmm; maybe the author is mistaken? Maybe, the agenda of the current administration is actually accomplishing the “greater good” for the citizens of this country? Maybe, the author is incorrect in his continued barrage of criticism of Barry Soetoro, Hillary “the hack” Clinton and her counterpart? 95 more words


From within comes a dream
like a phoenix rising up
the dream is full of promise
from the soul it springs
and like a soap bubble… 23 more words


Only One Seed

How does one
build a floresta?
One seed at a time.
Tended with love
it send out roots
and seeds which
sprout new life
’til soon a mighty… 36 more words


How to survive the summer?

The temperatures begins to rise , the summer is there, the sun is shining and there you have it … ” How do I survive this summer with my Hijab ?!” It’s one of the first and greatest concerns of a novice or experienced Hijabi . 347 more words


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I agree it all depends on intenstions. Also, in summer thick fabric hijab should be avoided, but the summer hijab cloth should also not be see through and should not be worn in a way that purpose of hijab would die.

Seeing Beyond the Curtain

John 3:3 Jesus answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” 220 more words


Disposable Friends

He uses then throws away.
Disposable friendships are all he knows.
Taking without giving, he leaves one feeling empty,
He uses then throws away.
Friendships must be reciprocal. 16 more words


Not Enough

Sometimes it’s not enough
just to say, “I’m sorry.”
One must also change
his heart
for words are empty
without action.

Next week you do the same… 16 more words