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The Painter

My side of Louisiana witnessed snow this week. I witnessed snow this week!
The kind of snow that dances a waltz on its way down, 359 more words

Simple Pleasures

I, the Groundhog

Am I the groundhog
who, upon seeing my shadow
slinks back into the gloom
six more weeks of winter
six months, six years
stuck in my life… 80 more words



My name is Nicole and I’m a senior studying business management, publishing, and foreign language at Champlain College! I’m currently a resident of Burlington’s South End Arts District and I absolutely adore where I live. 231 more words


Inside or Outside?

Lead in pencils
cherry cream in chocolate
Mardi Gras mask of happiness
heart drowning in tears
inside, outside
which is real?


The World Needs Flowers

The World Needs Flowers
by Melanie Bikowski

This is a poem to remember
The way that we felt when you surrendered
To the word Push. 131 more words


Our Prison

We sit in our jail cell
complaining about being prisoners
ignoring the open door
that beckons us to freedom.


“Prayer is a two-person gig.  You can’t do it alone.  Just as deep sea divers can’t survive without someone ‘up top,’ spiritual beings can’t survive without being connected to their Creator.

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