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Hello Blog World.

I never thought this day would come, but today I decided to write my first blog post.  I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a year, but shied away because I was uncertain of my purpose blogging, and in fear of whether I would be successful or not. 125 more words


'Totes' amazeballs

I can’t believe I won this bag on Instagram – thanks to the Club of Odd Volumes :D

Fiona Hudson

☀️ Snazzy Sunday ☀️

hi guys! This is my 3rd Snazzy Sunday and today I’m going to do a nail tutorial. This is really easy to do and you don’t need long nails or lots of different coloured nail varnish either. 457 more words


Looking 360°

Conveniently, I got a bill where my number was 360… Like the # of degrees in a circle.

It kind of reminded about critical thinking, where we are reminded to try to consider all angles. 50 more words


What Is The Daydreamer Challenge?

Dear Awesome Reader,

If you’ve read yesterday’s post, then you will know that between the 6th and 12th of April, I will be hosting a blogging challenge called The Daydreamer Challenge. 263 more words


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From the person who brought you the Daydreamer Award comes another insanely creative creation. Caitlin the Teen Daydreamer has decided to start a blogging challenge, and it is guaranteed to be intense, cutthroat, and quite dangerous. I challenge you to accept the challenge of the challenging Daydreamer Challenge. Do you have the guts? Do you have what it takes to accept the challenge? (I apologize, I've been watching a lot of action movies this weekend)

Crocheting again.

So I’ve been crocheting again. My good friend had trouble sleeping so I came across Twinkie Chan’s website. I saw her instagram aswell. Its anazing and she’s adorable. 108 more words


Camo Bunnies

Easter is coming and so are all the bunny patterns!  Here is a play on “Wasabe the Bunny” by Little Muggles®, found in the book Zoomigurumi. 41 more words

Orange Blossoms