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I know I promised I would try.
So I’m trying, trying to erase the photos of our happy moments
From the photo album of my existence.

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My Lying Dreams

My lying dreams come true
and I finally bridge the steep lush banks
of your heart and mind
and cross over into a world of rose petal lips. 77 more words



I stand in the queue desperately trying to not tap my foot, fidget my fingers, or clear my throat at the two elderly ladies in front of me. 775 more words


Poetry draft: 'A Witch's Visit'

I’m back!!! WordPress was banned in China but now in Hong Kong…see sidebar for the travel blog, there’s an update :)

Here’s a poem draft to kick things off! 317 more words

Creative Writing

Onset of Dementia

Onset of Dementia

(originally posted on March 3, 2015, this poem means a lot to me)

About four and a half years ago my grandpa died… 195 more words


Which factions would you like to be in?

Would I fit into Dauntless? Do I have what it takes to stand up for another when the time comes? Can I be selfless like Abnegation? 88 more words



I arrived at the Erickson’s in a FedEx box, posted from a friend of Kate’s in Japan. When I heard I was being shipped, I had a mini heart attack. 1,878 more words

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