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Believing - revisited

During my adventures in Guatemala, I am taking a break from posting daily. To fill the void, I have rummaged through the “Relative Something” archives for a few previously published ‘Words on Images’ posts for you to ponder anew. 7 more words


The Perfect Moment, Part 2 (Short Story)

‘It all leads to a catastrophic event. So you understand why this can’t be allowed to happen,’ Jenkins said.

The younger version of himself sat on the stairs with his eyes downcast, hands in his pockets, kicking pieces of the cup around. 705 more words

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All Growed Up

When I was a little girl, kindergarten teachers and parents alike would ask, “What do you want to be when ¬†you grow up?” This paired with the idea that everyone has a “destiny” and “one true love” would soil the thoughts forming my conscious mind for the rest of my life. 354 more words

Creative Writing

Got $100 to spare? How would you spend it?

So let’s imagine, for a minute, that a random person gave you $100 as part of their random act of kindness for the day. What would you do with that $100? 989 more words


Balsamic Vignettes #3

Teeters on the edge of her bench
In a room where the curtains billow into the hallway while the tea light candle… 282 more words

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Prince Charming, A Frog and Cash - Rewind

I’ve been meaning to post the last translation of ‘Rana Rana Dame Lana’ submitted to me by Mani, as well as write what I was thinking, word for word; as this was my very first poem – composed by me – in Spanish. 332 more words



Recently I realized that I seem to think the solution to every problem is as simple as understanding it. (It’s really not.) And even if it were, understanding something isn’t always simple. 475 more words