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Ruminating, meditating, thoughts while walking.

I set the water to boil and I walk out the house. I’ll be back in time.

Senses slowly integrate, pace adjustments to pavement. 269 more words

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"Ashtray Flower"

“Ashtray Flower”

Rain cloud in a sky of smog, dark but not in our
kind of shade. You are a
sugar grain thawed on my tongue even as… 74 more words

Creative Writing

Rusty Cage

You can buy me diamonds,
you can speak your sweet words,
but you can’t buy my love –
that needs to be earned.
You can give me things; 188 more words



For my readers, here’s one I wrote when I had no experience at all. I think it was in August of 2005.



File your taxes, make your bed, 155 more words


Bad Geek Alert

Whenever I write something of substance, I get this wave of what can almost be described as euphoria. I get overexcited and my adrenalin pumps a little and if I end up with company, I don’t shut up. 93 more words



Couldn’t touch you
through the illusory smokescreen.

I’m doing imaginary drugs
in my indescribably bad dreams.

Facade of grandeur brought
low, low, low

by natural rabbit holes… 19 more words


Erotica: One Last Chance

Check out my friend’s first book One Last Chance!¬†Yes it is an erotica book. But I am proud of my friend for taking the first step into the writing world and putting out this work. 112 more words

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