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Recreating Photos, Recreating Memories in Seattle

Once in a while you come across creative ideas that stick with you.

Here’s mine. Sometime in 2009 I came across a book in Chapters that showcased a collection of photos that were recreated, all with no less than 15 years from the original photo to the recreated one. 165 more words

Mr & Mrs Baphomet

Mr & Mrs Baphomet is a new creative project of Petia Ganeva.

It is about two schizophrenic psychopath, who started to use satanic magic to manipulate, torture, exploit, slander, blame and misuse an innocent heterosexual woman.To lure the victim Mr Baphomet staged the break off of his relationship with Mrs Baphomet, by claming, he is not sad about it all.Afterward he started to stalk the victim and play for her the protector from other psychopaths who aimed to do the same to her. 44 more words

BREAKFAST Rube Goldberg Machine

Our next project for Kinetic Sculpture was to build a Rube Goldberg machine that would last for a minute, incorporate at least 10 steps, and utilize at least 4 types of simple machines. 55 more words

Creative Projects

Cupcake Liner Flowers

Boredom Buster and Mother’s Day Card

Here’s a simple craft project to use as a boredom buster anytime of the year. These festive paper flowers are easy to make and inexpensive too. 231 more words

Arts And Crafts

Kinetic Sculpture: Fingers Run Ceiling

One of the cool classes I’m taking this quarter is Kinetic Sculpture with Terry Berlier. One of our very first assignments (after making a pantograph) was to make a mechanism that expressed a 3-word phrase that we cobbled together from 3 words we were assigned at random (noun verb noun). 33 more words

Creative Projects

Blue-tit Nesting, Spring Blossoms and An Old Wall

Collecting the fluff

Delivered and deciding which way now

All safe?

Ready to go

Flying back for more nesting material

1  Over the winter months, I have been collecting the fluff from the hoover and stuffing it into a peanut feeder. 229 more words