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If You're Afraid | Sage Kubis

smoke the bowl. it’ll put you to sleep. you and your best friend smoke out the window in the middle of the night and you both dream that the room is on fire. 614 more words



An hour had passed before I realized I had taken a bit of a detour. It wasn’t so much the wrong route completely, just a different one, a potentially longer one, a route that inserted itself into my day and upended my travel schedule. 846 more words

Creative Nonfiction


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Salubrious: Favorable to or promoting health (for the record, WordBowl is all about the health) 859 more words


Tongue-Tied | Krista Varela

Few things give me more anxiety than going to the dentist. The moment I walk into the office, with the high-pitched whirrs of the drill piercing my ears, my primal instincts kick in to high gear, and I have to stop myself from bolting out the door. 3,609 more words


"COMING INTO MONEY" by Steven Brykman

Steven Brykman


I had to run upstairs to get the phone and then stand there, talking, tethered to the kitchen wall, in the very midst of all that goes on in a Jewish kitchen, the bickering and the kvetch, because this was back when voices weren’t just things that were free to float around willy-nilly in the air. 1,302 more words



I am jerked awake from a sound sleep.

The room is black except for a sliver of moonlight creeping through the hastily closed curtains. I try to wipe away the miasma of sleep, wondering what woke me. 393 more words



It’s hot and the air feels sticky. The sweat on the back of my legs makes it hard to sit still on the slippery seat. The car stops and I look over at Mamaw to see if it’s okay to undo my seatbelt. 230 more words