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2015 oscars graphics

If you are an Oscar fan, you probably admired the beautiful title cards crafted for the nominees. The work was created by Designer/Director Henry Hobson… 196 more words

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happy 25th, photoshop!

Do you remember when Adobe Photoshop first came out 25 years ago? It’s true that some of you weren’t even born yet. But for those who were around and working in the design industry in 1990, you might remember when Photoshop was first released. 140 more words

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multitasking is making you bad at everything

Your boss has assigned you a task you need to tackle.

You open up your Word doc, but then you think, “Maybe I should check my email before I begin.” 549 more words

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xx + ux happy hour for women in ux

 XX+UX Happy Hour for Women in UX (at General Assembly Seattle)

If you’re considering a career in UX Design… and you’re a woman, this event is for you! 178 more words

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changing color palettes of valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day has been a day to celebrate all things love for almost two hundred years now. According to Brandisty blog, “the writing of notes has long been a tradition of Valentine’s Day, dating back to the 17th century; it wasn’t until the 1820s that printed cards became fashionable.   84 more words

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designers: the next CEO whisperers

Involving Designers in the process of creating good products that sell is becoming more and more of a trend these days.

According to an article in… 202 more words

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elsa and anna teach girls to “let it code”


Here it is 2015, and there still aren’t that many women with careers in software engineering or development. Take a look at the Women in Software Engineering Stats… 205 more words

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