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instagram artist

Artists are always finding new and interesting ways to get exposure for their work.

Mashable recently featured artist and Instagram user Kristián Mensa, whose latest projects include everyday objects like dry pasta and dandelions to create art which he posts to Instagram. 128 more words

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design humor

Design can be as frustrating as it is rewarding. You might be pulling out your hair trying to work through design solutions, or wishing you were anywhere else but in the office facing a blank screen. 66 more words

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things to hate about design

Sometimes designers just need to vent. Of course, venting can be negative and counter-productive, but it can be healthy too—especially if it makes you laugh. 438 more words

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minecraft kids invited to design australian national park

Think your child is wasting oodles of time glued to those Minecraft game screens? Maybe not.

The educational component of Minecraft has attracted attention worldwide. It seems as though kids are learning a lot from this highly addictive form of entertainment.  258 more words

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design critiques: tips for success

If you work in the design industry, chances are you’ve had to take some pretty tough critiques on your work. How did you handle it? 316 more words

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where's walter?

Are you a Breaking Bad fan? If so, you might need this fun print available on the Dude!!! I Want That site.

In the spirit of… 183 more words

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pet wearables

Wearables are incredibly popular right now—not only for people, but also for pets. With recent statistics revealing there are 83.3 million dogs living in the United States, the market seems ripe for yuppy pet owners to become customers of the new gadgets and wearables for their furry babies. 253 more words

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