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Aww Crap Chapter 7!

Chapter 7….

You are kicking my butt and annoying me to no end! I cannot believe I’ve been stuck on you for 11 whole days! And now I have to add a whole new chapter  because of all this! 156 more words

Alleys And Broken Dreams

Things that happen at my house: Naming bugs

My son is talking to a friend of his online.. apparently there is a bug in his friend’s house and it’s about to meet it’s demise. 164 more words


Chapter 7: Apparently you didn't get the memo.

Chapter 7….

I will defeat you, even if that means splitting you up into two chapters and prolonging this editing. I’m in no mood to write a fancy rant so I’m keeping this one simple. 112 more words

Alleys And Broken Dreams

I engage in an Imagination War on Twitter....

Fantasy Author ‏@BrianRathbone Apr 7

Believing in something doesn’t cause it to exist any more than not believing in something causes it not to exist. 231 more words


Tips For A Great Garage Sale

With the impending move, I felt the urge to purge the clutter and unnecessary items that would inevitably weigh us down. I figured that doing a moving sale would be a win-win. 568 more words

Creative Fun

Progress Report: Chapter 6... praise to a worthy opponent.

Dear Chapter 6,

You were a worthy adversary; you fought bravely but in the end: I conquered you. A twelve hour battle of wits and wordplay, stubborn determination and lots and lots of rearranging. 239 more words

Alleys And Broken Dreams

Progress Report: The evil chapter of issues

Dear Chapter 6:

Why must you be a pain in my behind?! I was zipping right a long on my final edits on Alleys and Broken Dreams: 2 (working on this part of the title) until I hit… 225 more words

Alleys And Broken Dreams