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Things that happen at my house: Naming bugs

My son is talking to a friend of his online.. apparently there is a bug in his friend’s house and it’s about to meet it’s demise. 164 more words


Chapter 7: Apparently you didn't get the memo.

Chapter 7….

I will defeat you, even if that means splitting you up into two chapters and prolonging this editing. I’m in no mood to write a fancy rant so I’m keeping this one simple. 112 more words

Alleys And Broken Dreams

I engage in an Imagination War on Twitter....

Fantasy Author ‏@BrianRathbone Apr 7

Believing in something doesn’t cause it to exist any more than not believing in something causes it not to exist. 231 more words


Tips For A Great Garage Sale

With the impending move, I felt the urge to purge the clutter and unnecessary items that would inevitably weigh us down. I figured that doing a moving sale would be a win-win. 568 more words

Creative Fun

Progress Report: Chapter 6... praise to a worthy opponent.

Dear Chapter 6,

You were a worthy adversary; you fought bravely but in the end: I conquered you. A twelve hour battle of wits and wordplay, stubborn determination and lots and lots of rearranging. 239 more words

Alleys And Broken Dreams

Progress Report: The evil chapter of issues

Dear Chapter 6:

Why must you be a pain in my behind?! I was zipping right a long on my final edits on Alleys and Broken Dreams: 2 (working on this part of the title) until I hit… 225 more words

Alleys And Broken Dreams

Teach your child to use scissors

It is sometimes a daunting thought allowing your child to use scissors for the first time, so we have put together some tops tips for helping you to guide your child to safely use scissors and have some fun at the same time. 44 more words

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