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The Whole Creation

With our understanding of the saving grace of God for us, what we need to realize that ‘all’ creation will be saved by God,not just the human creations. 105 more words


Love whispers softly

In the little house on the elven hill
Where underneath the tiny elves are living
In their splendid palaces and castles
The bell tolls, for it is time for giving… 77 more words


Mars Rover

Hi everyone! Here is a Mars Rover (wait, you already knew that).  Even though it’s small, it has a lot of detail. I really used my imagination in this build. 307 more words


New creation

  This week I made this modern handmade blouse using a floral printed material. On the back side has a zipper.

size: S

Creation Workshop

Sometimes you need a little reminder

Our watsapp chat is aptly named “The Happy Girls”. Although it may not describe us literally (no one can be happy all the time), I am always infused with positive energy around these girls :D… 346 more words

Twenty-Something Crafts

The past years I’ve discovered a great love for painting. I’ve also aquired a sewing machine and spend an unreasonable amount of time on Pinterest. 6 more words


New Behance Project | Popcorn Time | Circular Icons 🎨

Two circular icons made for Popcorn Time, the best way to stream tv shows and movies.

Download the icons for Xcode, OSX, iOS, Windows, Android, favicon, folders, etc. 18 more words