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Adzuki Genmai Breakfast

Recently, it seems that the idea that juice, even raw, is just sugar water has been applied to smoothies as well. When the fruit or veggies are blended that much it separates out the fiber and the food hits your system really fast. 750 more words


Song of the month: "In the Sun" (a little late!)

February’s song is a little late. It was actually recorded well on time but I was holding off on posting until my previous personal post… 131 more words


Fractured Part 3

(inspired by a student’s eulogy for another)


Sky waterfall
Cascading from heaven
Rhythm of raindrops
Reminiscing back then


The soft gale
Mimics your whisper; 45 more words



So this is a creation not a bowl, of course. But toast is something I have almost every day and it deserves attention.

With a crazy busy schedule and the good fortune to live downtown and the consequence of going out a lot for lunch, dinner and drinks…I never know when or what I’m doing later in the day. 611 more words


Where do they all come from?

Ever since I published that post the other day about the romance between two snow people in my yard, snow people have been springing up everywhere around my house! 51 more words


2015 Conference Banners

Banners I made for two conferences I attended this year.

  1. ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing – Feb 2015
  2. Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) 1st Winter Conference – Jan 2015…
  3. 9 more words