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Stain - A Haiku

Today was a decent day. Neither spectacular, nor awful. Neither overly productive, nor wasted. The weather, the music, my mood. All were quite nice. Of course something had to come up to put a bit of a damper on things. 185 more words


My first post about Photo Art.

Meu primeiro post sobre foto arte.

Gosto de bater fotos de detalhes de coisas que vejo e depois gosto de trabalhar elas.

Essa arte surgiu de uma colcha linda na cama. 53 more words


The Fine Tuning of the Universe and the Existence of God

Scientifically speaking, why the universe exist and why it looks like what it looks like is still a mystery. We don’t know why anything exists rather than nothing, or why energy-matter works as it does. 612 more words

Evangelism & Missions

Fuzzy Model Airplanes

I enjoy watching YouTube videos of flying model airplanes. That means I hope to actually see the model in flight. Most camcorders, however, can’t keep the subject in focus for a number of reasons that, surprise!, have spiritual parallels. 276 more words



Rainbows are always surprising! It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen it, you’re going to be open-mouthed every time it appears in the sky with its fascinating colors. 52 more words


A Note

As she unzipped her suitcase, a whiff of her childhood home escaped.  As excited as she was to be out at last, making her own way in the world, loneliness was lurking among the cardboard boxes stacked around her new apartment.   275 more words

The Character Of God