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The Gypsy Is Returning

I’ve been away for a while. That sometimes happens in life, but I never stay away permanently. I guess you could say I’m back with a vengeance. 43 more words


Japan sees America’s Double Down, raises it a crazy deep-fried “sandwich” of its own

As an American living in Japan, I often get comments to the effect of, “People in your home country love fried foods, don’t they?” And really, I can’t argue otherwise. 544 more words


Dear Diary: Day 4: Forget About Wearing Red, I Have Broken Pieces - Part 2

After having some chocolate milk, cookies, chips, mac and cheese, and having some play time with my baby chickens, a few of my heart peices went together. 227 more words


No, Tuesday Didn't Come Early; I Screwed up

No, Tuesday didn’t come early; I screwed up. I had thought I was going to be writing again on Tuesday when I wrote last. I was wrong. 230 more words

Full Raw Footage, Girl Passed Out On Highway

A woman was found while sleeping in the middle of the I-805 Northbound freeway near San Diego. Some people have seen clips of this dangerous incident, but the video below is the full, raw footage of what happened in the early hours of Friday, March 27th. 115 more words


Crazy Bulk Review - Products and stack review

Crazy bulk is offer 100% legal steroids they claim to help you gain definition and bulk, read our review and discover if these legal steroids will work for you.


Juan week down... 

Get it, “Juan”, one… Anyways, it has been a week since I last saw Juan. And it feels like it’s been a Eternity! I feel like it seems that way because, I don’t really know how this works . 105 more words