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Weekly Rewind 12: My Life is Crazy

I realize that I completely missed last week’s weekend posts. So now I’ve got 2 weeks worth of life stuff to update you guys on! 373 more words

My Life


watching Supernatural and having a weird weird urge. Like, I just want to have a grown up relationship, because I’m a grown ass woman who deserves a grown ass man. 226 more words

Day 60: Shall We to the Cinema?

Okay so we’re coming to the epic close of what has to be the official first week of my summer vacation.

The weather was consistently nice.. 448 more words


Almost two months!

Well, it’s been a month and a halfish since we moved. I can’t even explain how much life had flipped upside down in that time. The kids are doing great and so am I. 99 more words

"Me" Time

Do you ever have those times when you just want to be alone but don’t ever seem to have the time?

You never quite take time for yourself but you don’t really pay attention to those warning sirens in your head that say “STOP YOU PSYCHO YOU HAVE TO SLOW DOWN AND TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF OR I WILL MAKE YOU STOP!” Complete with cymbals, fireworks and other loud noises to make you Listen… Or some kind of something like that! 582 more words

I find myself talking to you
Like you’re a voice inside my head
We have conversations daily
Even when you’re not there to listen
You’re such a piece of me… 8 more words


The Charlie Charlie Challenge

This is a hot new one getting viral throughout all the social media outlets as I am sure you may have seen.  This “game” involves using pencils and a piece of paper to act as sort of a poor mans ouija board. 292 more words