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Freaky Friday: Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse?

It’s very important to make sure you’re prepared for when the hoardes of the undead take over the world with their shambling, unseeing, brain-munching new world order. 268 more words


Friends aren't the ones bailing you out...

…they’re by your side, breaking you both out with the file they hid in their sock specifically for that purpose, because you’re a retard and were bound to get caught and they… 123 more words


How do you write a novel?

You build a world you wish you lived in, design people you wish existed with the behaviours and qualities that no one could have and faces like the ones you see in your dreams, and then put yourself in the corner somewhere making the magic happen, torture the most lovable people until at least two of them die, and the you end it with something that you didn’t even dream of, but something that just happened. 9 more words


Freaky Friday. Are you on drugs, man?

Synesthesia, or LSD?

Cool CGI, or salvia divinorum?

Glitch, or alcohol?

Circus come to town, or cannabis?

Schizophrenia, or meth?

OK, this is just meth, surely… 11 more words


Why I Hate Field Trips -or- The Scariest Thing That Ever Happened to Me (Part Two)

Part One is here.

“They’re trying to take her!”

Lisa had tears and snot running down her face and really looked terrified.  Mike actually went pale.   2,064 more words

Apathy is the only barrier between funny and depressing.

After all, we laugh at what we relate to, we laugh at ourselves, and the world is going to Hell in a handbasket, so the most relatable thing to laugh at right now is tragedy. 225 more words


Why I Hate Field Trips -or- The Scariest Thing That Ever Happened to Me

I really do hate field trips.  As a kid I didn’t mind them at all.  Away from school for the day? Excellent.  In theory, as an adult working with kids, being away from school for the day should still be excellent.   722 more words