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And then *Voila!* I'm 15.

I turned fifteen today.

And I have been busy. And happy. And sad. And angry. And hurt. But euphoric. Incredibly euphoric.
For starters, I have been gifted with fifteen books by my family.

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Devil Story

Devil Story (1985)

Directed by Bernard Launois

A little known French horror film that the only extant English version of is a badly scanned copy on youtube with subtitles in Greek. 2,291 more words


Here we go

So much has happened since I started this blog…I guess if you’ve read the other entries, you’ll know where we began in all this. And here’s a little something to fill in the gaps: 809 more words


There Are Now 12 Herbs and Spices.

And by twelve I mean one number two.

To be fair that’s how I usually feel after eating KFC.  I think it should be the advertising.   23 more words


Handjob Karaoke Japanese Game Show.

That title could have only previously existed in Mad Libs.

So this is a thing that exists.

Contestants must sing, perfectly, in order to win.  While getting hand jobs. 55 more words


Yep, we're crazy.

Was there ever any doubt?

I mean, we weren’t always like that.

We’ve tried to kid ourselves…

But nobody believed us.

So we tried harnessing it… 110 more words


The Pointless Paradox.

Yesterday, I made this gem of a discovery on the Internet. Read it. XD

The pointless paradox debate has been running for centuries and on a discussion between Man and the paradox itself.

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