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Keep it to yourself: A Letter to a Moron

Dear Woman who assumed too much of me,

I need you to know that you have angered and offended me on every level humanly possible. Your statement, casually thrown at me about my life choices was crass, unwarranted and absolutely none of your fucking business. 290 more words



Her son is about to become a daddy.

I just broke a broken shower head, and feel like an accident waiting to happen. Trying not to have a melt down over a fucking shower head, and I get the call, actually a text. 231 more words


If You Only Knew...

I know that if I don’t get this off my chest, I won’t be able to finish my homework, and I really need to get it done and get some sleep. 279 more words


Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda (Gonna)

There is something I should have done in 2010, that I DIDN’T do because I was afraid. I was afraid for a lot of reasons, but mostly I was afraid that I didn’t matter, so I stayed quiet. 698 more words


It's Winter in Boston. Time to Crack UP.

That special time is here!┬áBring on the Netflix and red wine! It’s time for┬áthe cold and snow of winter to finally push me to my breaking point. 348 more words

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