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It Was The Bra...

My mom has a habit of blaming anything but the thing that needs to be blamed.  She used to blame my panic attacks on asthma.  She used to blame my pale skin on anemia.   245 more words


Imgur's highlights of the Rachel Dolezal case.

We’re back bitches!

Yes, we had an awesome time, updates later. For now, let’s bask in some of Imgur’s best responses to the “totally black, dude” ex-NAACP-president. 19 more words


Festival Friday.

Expecting anything after this? Nah, we’re drunk in a field and not really bothered about serious, full-length posts.

But festivals are seriously awesome, so let’s have festival. 205 more words

Just Plain Freaky

What am I going to do?

So, it’s been a couple weeks since I found out that I’d be moving to a new school in September.  It’s caused a sort of slow-burn devastation for me.   477 more words