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How to Stress-Out a VERY Pregnant Lady....

Start by picking a household project to tackle that will bless your 39-week pregnant wife…like installing a much-needed light in the nursery closet.

Next, open the attic access in the master closet located directly above your entire wardrobe of business-casual work attire and allow insulation to cascade down on it like snow on a winter’s eve…. 334 more words


But but unions

I don’t understand:

Looking at lobbying in the aggregate, what jumps out is the stark imbalance in resources. Corporations blow everyone else out of the water.

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Throwback Thursday: Animal Lover

(If you’ve tuned into this blog because of my post about standardized testing, welcome! Although I’m passionate about that cause, I don’t write about it very often… but if you’re looking for stories about parenting, chocolate and wine, traveling, or people getting into ridiculous situations and blunders but still trying to find the humor in everything, then I hope you’ll stick around!) 1,763 more words

Typical Crazy

The Saga Continues...

I believe I’m officially convinced this is going to be the never ending case. It’s amazing to me how things change when people walk in a court room. 668 more words

Crappy foto catch up

Guys. Seriously. Where has the time gone? I am becoming pretty sucky at walking to the basement to write the stories that are in my head. 230 more words

Queue the crazy

On Sunday, I travelled from my home to Seattle. I don’t fly often anymore, so I had forgotten how insane the airport is.

There were over 300 people on the flight from Detroit. 93 more words

General Craziness

I am Losing my Mind!

Warning – Rant post

Is is possible to have a crush on more than one person at the same time? Because I don’t know why but that happens to me way too often. 189 more words