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Do I Just Drive Myself Crazy? Or Take Others For The Occasional Ride?

This post is a great example of why I don’t tell people I know that it’s here. I honestly don’t think I could be nearly as open if I knew my family and stuff we’re reading this….As usual, I just wrote, didn’t re-read so don’t expect much lol. 1,805 more words

Dream Much?

Bee sat next to me as we looked around, this bus was not normal, there were more seats and it was dark, few windows, and little space to move. 204 more words


Have fun stormin' the castle!

It’s true! I’ve decided to start a blog due to popular demand… to ensure that that all my fans can follow my travels around the globe. 291 more words

Coming clean

Some of you already know this information but for the rest of you, I just want you know that I wasn’t trying to withhold wonderful information. 278 more words

Every family has one

My grandmother was the most ‘say it like it is’ person I’ve ever known. She didn’t care if you liked it, she told you what you needed to hear. 473 more words

General Craziness

Hello, is this thing on?

Moving from a town with one red light to a city with a buttload of opportunities sure can broaden a girl’s mind. Monroe isn’t even that big of a town, so I can’t even imagine what I would’ve done if I had moved to a much larger city… Although I can’t help but wonder and also keep telling myself, “one day.” 460 more words

The time I put her in time out because she broke her arm

If you follow me on instagram or saw on Facebook – Ella dislocated and broke her arm on Monday. That’s how our week started? How about you? 584 more words