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It's Monday. Again.


It’s Monday here, nearly lunchtime. The sky is blue (for the most part), the sun is shining but it was VERY windy last night then it rained buckets. 250 more words

Not Writing

That blog post where I ramble on about my love of things crafty

Most of my “stuff” that I have now consists of books and craft stuff. The books for the most part are all put away in our file cabinet (for the books) but I know I’ve collected a good amount since our move to the tiny house. 1,047 more words

Miss Kitty Blogging

Free Oregon Trail cross stitch pattern/chart.

This will be my next project once I finish all my WIP.

It’s based on The Oregon Trail, an 80’s game. It’s quite frustrating and addictive at the same time. 170 more words


Our Etsy store

My life partner & I have an Etsy store, called 2FindPeace. Currently it only has one item in it. But we are working on more items. 483 more words


The Crochet Lite, crochet hooks review.

As promised here is my review for The Crochet Lite crochet hooks that my husband surprised me with. For those of you who do not know what is so special about these… 528 more words


Creating My Own Patterns for the First Time EVER!

I am a LARPer, and for those of you who do not know what that means, LARPing is an acronym for Live Action Roleplay. One weekend a month, I run around the woods with a bunch of friends and dress up like a beautiful fairy princess (because if you’re going to do it, do it with glitter and jewels). 948 more words


Yes, I Ticketed my Teen for Not Listening!

I would like to think that this is part of the crafty side of this blog. Of course, maybe that’s up for debate. However, disciplining or reminding teens to do things does require a bit of creativity if I’m not going to continually yell at them or give up and do something myself instead of making them follow through. 454 more words