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Knitterly Updates #2: Current Project

I did a lot of swatching and Rav surfing during my revision breaks. Despite lots of theoretical calculating and mental swatching with my stash, I settled on a simple, free pattern from Purl Soho again. 310 more words


Box of Cards

Happy Friday Everyone.

This weeks 3d project is more of a decorate a box than make a box but it was still fun nonetheless.

The boxes themselves are from amazon and you can by a pack of 2… 132 more words

Stampin Up

Wendy Lace Edge Top in bluebird: finished

Making up the finished top was actually quite hard, as I tried to match the patterns front and back along the seam but it didn’t take me too long and I soon found myself tidying up the loose ends. 195 more words


Today Is The Day

Good Morning!

Well today is the launch day and I am really very nervous! I shall be at the computer for most of the day so will not have too much to show in the way of creation but I will be able to share all the jewellery designs I have made! 196 more words

Knitting Adventures ... All About The Socks ...

Hey everyone … so with all the traveling … and then running around getting visa stuff sorted etc … I’ve been a bit slow with the blog posts these last couple months and for that I am sorry … I still have a post from my trip to the UK to do but I don’t think that will happen till atleast next week now … 301 more words




in the last month or so time has refused to go at the speed to which i’d like. i’m caught in two extremes. often i’m longing for time to speed up and get onto the next thing – the weekend, the beginning of a visit, the end of the work day, date night… other times it seems i do nothing but plead for time to slow down, to keep me right here – hit the snooze one more time, shilo stay here with me one more second, weekend don’t end, Paul sit and with me before tackling the to-do list, visit don’t end, dessert don’t end… 387 more words