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Little Tommy Tucker sings for his supper...

Having been a hardcore fan of Claude’s Kitchen since moving to Parsons Green, I could not have been happier when I heard that head chef Claude was opening a new pub in Fulham- … 273 more words

Eating Out

The only way to cook pork belly

I don’t actually cook pork belly myself, but very occasionally (when I’m feeling particularly gluttonous) I will buy a slab when it’s my husband’s turn to cook and casually leave this recipe open on the work surface. 465 more words


… Take heed of this sable cloth;

I am in a manic state of mourning…

… And the angels won’t come to

Take me out… 38 more words


Perfectly Paleo delivery

I order a fair amount of my ingredients from a website called ‘Perfectly Paleo’. Every single item they sell is suitable for Paleo eaters, it’s an amazing feeling to know you can go on there, order whatever you want, and eat it without triple checking the ingredients. 70 more words

40 - Jamie Oliver's Pan-Fried Glazed Pork Chops

Most days, I am absolutely terrible at coming up with ideas for dinner – downright awful, in fact. It’s really the reason behind this blog: if I come up with enough go-to recipes, I’ll always have something in my back pocket no matter what I’m craving. 811 more words

Sunday roast

deutsche Version

It´s impossible to leave Munich without having cooked one more Bavarian pork roast. If I had to name a dish that is typical and ultimately Bavarian to me, a pork roast would be it. 1,497 more words


PEAr Chips


2 nos – Pear, ripe yet firm

1 cup – Sugar

2 cups – Water

1 tsp – Vanilla extract


Boil water and sugar in a wide sauce pan. 107 more words