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CPE Transformation 1st Booklet 05

5. Look, you need to accept that being a musician is just not your thing.


Look, you need to accept that you’re ____________________________ a musician. 36 more words

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CPE Study Guide

Here are some materials to help students prepare for the Cambridge CPE exam.

Cambridge CPE Handbook

Download the latest version of the CPE handbook here: 364 more words


"Do your worst!"

I came across this excellent post regarding CPE verbatims that I wanted to link to. In it, Allison Kestenbaum writes about how she asks students to present their “worst work”, that is the cases in which they have been stumped, messed up, or feel that they otherwise didn’t do their best. 230 more words


CPE Transformation 1st Booklet 04

4. Bags should not be left unattended.


Under ______________________________________________left unattended.

Can you complete the sentence using the given word? You can use between three and eight words, which must include the given word, and the meaning must be as close as possible to the first sentence.

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Soccer Time! :)

Another wonderful turn out for indoor soccer today!  Everyone had a great time, and it’s amazing to see their skills on display.  Looking forward to the next tournament! :)

10 (+1) Tips For a Good CPE Verbatim

I’ve posted a few of my past verbatims as examples of how they can be written, but  each CPE program likely has its own format, things to include and so on. 1,035 more words


The Perfect Date - So/Neither do I

This is an activity to practice short answers of agreement “So/neither do I”

Download the handout here:

so neither do I


We use the short answers “So do I/Neither do I” to express agreement or something in common that we have with another person. 494 more words