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The Cowgirl

Being from the very rainy Manchester in the northwest of England, and having no interest in horses, farming or country and western music this brief dream kinda comes out of left field. 118 more words

Commercials: Happy Animals

Does anyone else find it somewhat disturbing when commercials imply that animals are happy about their situation in the production of foods extracted from their own bodies? 33 more words

Electric fence is MOOO-VABLE!

After looking at the cleared land Wednesday evening, we checked Beef’s temporary electric fence. He’d eaten quite a bit of the grass in his area. … 78 more words

Know Your Farmer


Starting back at art class, we are looking at tone, first we made a sketch picking out the different tones in the picture, then using 2 colours we made painting sketches again looking at tone and not colour. 60 more words


Outstanding in his Field

As we left Dinosaur World I had to pull the car over and take a photo of this beef steer or cow. He was very close to the road and enjoying the Winter day in Florida.


Moo To You!: Blue Moos on Strawberry Fields Forever by mpn

Moo To You!: Blue Moos on Strawberry Fields Forever by mpn

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