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Your Standout Cover Letter

Your cover letter is not your resume in paragraph form.  Although you will touch on some experiences from your resume you should take this opportunity to show why you’re passionate about the field and position  you are seeking. 1,208 more words


What Does My Resume Say About Me?

If you’re just getting started on your first (or 10th) job search, keep in mind that your resume is one of two vital documents (including a stellar cover letter) that are required to apply for most jobs these days. 503 more words


Unit 4 - Reflective Cover Letter Assignment Sheet

Below is the assignment sheet for the final piece of the class: the reflective cover letter.

Unit4 – Reflective Cover Letter

For this piece I encourage students to make a connection between this piece and themselves and to really focus on ways to get the information out to me, rather than thinking about ways to make this look pretty for the sake of looking pretty. 23 more words

Unit 4

The Almighty Resume Keyword

Guess what.  Finding industry keywords is not rocket science. It’s actually quite easy to find them AND just as simple to use them in your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. 227 more words

Cover Letter

2015 Networking Tips #3

You know you need to network to be successful in your job search.  You’ve had informative informational interviews.  You’ve identified contacts in your target companies and in your field of interest.  429 more words


Graduation Approaching...

In preparation for my scarily close graduation, I’ve redone my CV, business cards and portfolio. I sent my application off for my first job, Junior Creative Hotshot, which potentially looks very exciting. 101 more words


Signs Of A Successful Person

Back in late 2014, one of my co-workers shared with me that she had been applying for internal jobs in our organization, hoping to move from the ranks of permanent part-time to permanent full-time. 899 more words

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