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Forget Fabio: The New Wave of Indie Romance Covers

“The rapid embrace of self-publishing over the past decade has increased the competition among indie romance authors to put out professional, memorable cover designs that fit within the genre and adhere to current trends, but that stand out in a crowded market. 66 more words


35 Days to 35: The Last Gift (1 more day)

Today is my last day as a girl in her ‘early thirties’ and it promised to be a long one. It’s also one of my six toilet days, so after the alarm went off at 6:00 a.m., I immediately grabbed my phone to see if the review process had been completed yet. 648 more words

35 Days To 35

14. Making a choice

This novel began as a tongue-in-cheek humour/thriller/political/psyschological mish-mash of different stories loosely moulded into one. I admit I still hold a soft spot for my original idea, Sex & Rucks and Sausage Rolls, but I’ve realised I have to be hard nosed if I want to seriously make a go of this author lark. 691 more words

35 Days to 35: Say it with me.... (2 more days)

…..why not.

My book file came back with a few errors. The Create Space team ‘suggested’ I add a blank page to the beginning of my book and re-upload. 462 more words

35 Days To 35

My New Release: What I did Wrong; What I did Right

Okay, I can hear it already. What was she thinking? Why would anyone make a cover using CreateSpace cover maker, and even worse, she used the same image used on the template. 583 more words

On Life And Writing

35 Days to 35: Wait...what? (3 more days)

The cover design and upload went so well it was alarming. So when the power surged and my computer shut itself off in the middle of my work (despite being backed up by a surge protector whose sole job it is to prevent such a thing) I actually sighed in relief. 580 more words

35 Days To 35

35 Days to 35: Josh's White Horse (4 more days)

The last design element needed for the book is the cover. I designed one Super Bowl weekend that I liked a lot, but after previewing it on here, I got some good critiques from several sources who design for a living. 494 more words

35 Days To 35