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A Night Like This

Last night started out perfectly normally . . . and then it took a strange turn.

The Miller wedding reception was almost ready to go when I realized the cake was missing. 334 more words

Parks And Rec

Drummy Tip #23-What You're Really Paid For

This Drummy Tip is for drummers who make their living performing.

What you’re paid for-

1. Loading gear, and helping others in the band unload their gear. 228 more words

A good idea I had (about buskers)

I had this idea:

How great would it be if the street musicians you see performing in the subway or in busy public areas let you sing with them live-karaoke-style?! 198 more words


new music!

Hey everybody! We recorded a video of our first full arrangement, Oil and Water by LIGHTS.
Check it out, below!

Soloist: Gillian
Arrangement: Caitlin

A Cappella

Drummy Tip #7-Charting

I once got a call to audition for a cover band. This band played 4 sets per night, no repeats. I was given several CDs of songs (84 songs in total) and told I needed to be ready to play them in 5 days, which was my audition day. 296 more words

New name same noise!

Don’t panic…….there’s no need to retune your sets!

No, you’re not going mad…..well no more than you already were!

We’re still here, still rocking and still ready to party and get you bouncing and singing along! 24 more words


Studio shoot

This past weekend I booked out a studio to shoot a group portrait, and some single portraits, for a corporate cover band called ‘Almost Famous’. Great bunch of folk with a great energy, humour and easy to shoot with. 177 more words