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P3 – Practice standards-based assessment.

Practicing standards-based assessment requires us to have an end goal in mind, know what type of class we will be teaching understanding the course rationale. During my internship I was able to develop a course rationale for my 7th grade orchestra class, and it reads as follows. 1,016 more words


Chemistry Course Rationale

P4:  Practice the integration of appropriate technology with instruction.  We live in a society where technology is a huge part of our everyday lives.  As an educator it is important that we not only teach our students knowledge of content, but how technology can be used alongside this knowledge as another method of learning [1].  660 more words


Course Rationale English 10

E1 – Exemplify professionally-informed, growth-centered practice.My interpretation of professionally informed growth centered practice includes defining the course rationale prior to teaching a particular class. Included in defining the course rationale is determining the importance the community places on the class, knowing the types of students I will be teaching and understanding the departmental requirements for unit planning. 634 more words