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Don't Miss The Call

There are things we can do on our own. But there are many things we cannot do alone.

Do not be stubborn when you’re being offered help. 38 more words

Best Of You

Love is a mess

Love is a mess. That’s what I heard today. I laughed to myself as the realization that this is probably the most accurate description of love that I’ve heard. 356 more words

When The Sun Sets Before My Eyes

It’s time

A place to mourn and a place to weep
Because as the sun sets before my eyes
There will be a moment of grey… 27 more words


Broken People

You know, it takes a certain amount of reduced self-obsession to differentiate the broken from the inexperienced. All my life, I have been or tried to be a person who acknowledges another’s feelings, experiences, emotions, reasoning etc. 483 more words

Reflections of Love Remembered

For so long

I tried to change

in attempt to fit

where I could never

really fit.

And then somehow

I remembered

my own heart. 43 more words


Mental Health Awareness

May is Mental Health Awareness month.  Over the last few decades our nation has drawn more attention to the fact that we need to provide equal care to our state of mind, at least as much as we give to every other part of our body.  511 more words


Spreckels Organ raises funds for Operation Rebound.

Right now I’m sitting at my computer on Cortez Hill, not far from Balboa Park. Sometimes I imagine–for a brief moment–that I can hear music drifting in through the window. 338 more words