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Day 62: God Grant Me The Serenity

I’m sure most of you are at least vaguely familiar with the Serenity Prayer, but if you’re not, it goes like this: 471 more words

Learning Experience

Courage : To Dare

What happens if we don’t heed the wisdom in our hearts that may be telling us it’s time for a change?

We risk getting stuck in a life-long rut and living a safe, “status quo” life, which may remain the same without any change for years, and, worse yet, a life in which, we may never realize our fullest happiness and potential. 120 more words

Sisters Of The Rose

Courage the secret ingredient.

“Decide you want it more than you are afraid of it.”

-Bill Cosby

Courage can be defined as:

  • The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, and pain without fear.
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5 day challenge, day 2- courage

The ability to do something that frightens one. Sounds familiar? Does it sound like something we go through from time to time? If you nodded your head in a yes, then you’re with me. 458 more words

Encouraging vs. Fixing

As my younger daughter begins to stabilize, I find that there are some people in my day-to-day life wanting to fill that space with the same degree of attention that I have devoted to caregiving and, in most cases, they have no intention of doing the work. 332 more words

I'm Allowed to be Pissed Off

Good morning, afternoon, evening, whatever you feel like calling it! I hope everyone started their Monday off right…at least for a few hours! Anyway, let’s get to talking.Thank you for following me and liking my posts! 779 more words


There’s a lack of self-confidence that gets instilled very early in many young girls, before writing is even seen as a possibility. You need a certain amount of nerve to be a writer, an almost physical nerve, the kind you need to walk a log across a river.

–Margaret Atwood