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Starter Pack

I saw this picture and initially laughed but then got annoyed almost immediately afterward. When I finished college I had a decision to make. I could go the safer route and look for a job right out of college or I could pursue a graduate degree. 440 more words

What I Think

Jeanne Thoreau and husband Dante Worthing

These sims were created with Persephane Suites in mind, but I decided to upload them separately for those who may not want the sims or want the apartment. 297 more words

Sims 3

Movie thoughts on the other side of the screen

You know in the movies when they have the guy’s thoughts and the girls thoughts when in a relationship? (being stereotypical, I’m sure this happens with same sex or other genders,) … 110 more words

Musings And Personal

Thoughts from Thur3day


I’m not a person who would do well in the city 24/7. But I’m not a person who would do well in the back woods of Montana 24/7 either.  34 more words


Because, LOVE.

Because, Love is more than an ideal.
It is more than just a word.
It holds more power than thought, and that is because it can precede thought.
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Cute Stuff

So when my boyfriend and I first started talking and Skyping, we also use to send each other random videos during the day so we can see what each other were up to. 170 more words

Just better

He’s been listening.
He’s been caring.
He’s been Waiting.

Friday afternoon was a repeat of just Thursday; just better…
We went to the red tree. It’s massive and different, stands out, stands strong. 281 more words

Musings And Personal