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Three Ways to Love Successfully

Secular advice on love and success focuses on ways to maintain another person’s sexual interest or directives on getting your emotional needs met. In the end, this cheap brand of love is shallow and doesn’t lead to long term success. 830 more words


Moving Photos of Long-Married Couples

UK-based photographer Lauren Fleishman was inspired to create her The Lovers series after finding a collection of letters her grandfather had written to her grandmother during World War II. 990 more words


Orange is the new Black

I tried my best to think of a witty title for this blog post and yes, that’s the best I came up with after 30 minutes of pretty intense soul searching. 65 more words

Parenting 101 for Newlyweds

Just when I thought that it would just be one of the regular events we would organized (don’t get me wrong, when I say regular, it doesn’t mean I don’t give my full best but regular in a way that we do this at least once a year) 478 more words


To My Best Friend

“Let’s get a cat,” he said.

“Why?” she said.

“Because cats,” he said.

She looked at him oddly, paused and repeated, “Because cats?”

He looked up with his english muffin still half in his mouth and gestured with his free hand, “Well, yeah.” 712 more words


Sex is like money

“Sex is like money; only too much is enough.”

— John Updike, Couples


Your Stories - Across A Crowded Sanctuary! By Ericka Arthur, AUTHENTICITEE

I love to read your stories. It’s so interesting and beautiful to see how two people meet and find together. Thank you so much for sharing this story with me, Ericka from… 867 more words