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I hate that my husband is so defensive.  It’s so much of the reason I can never talk to him about anything because he takes everything as a personal attack.   62 more words

Recognize the right way to survive Infidelity

Today, there are many marriage counselors that have been active on the web and thecommon question that frequently is asked by visitors is “how can I survive my spouse’s infidelity?” Cathy Chambliss is a renowned marriage counselor in Manhattan Beach thathelps you to examine and understand why the affair occurred and work through improving intimacy, romance and better communication between couples. 213 more words

Infidelity And Affairs Manhattan Beach

Why True Love Is So Hard To Find...The Naked Truth!

We as a society have been told over and over again that when we’re young, we’re too young to know what we want, when we’re of age, “love is hard to find….you gotta set boundaries….set your expectations high….have standards….keep your legs closed….” And the list goes on and on and on…”Find someone who is your equal, someone who completes you!” And might I repeat, the list goes on and on and on….and if that is not the message then the  message is to set boundaries, protect your heart from being broken, oh and by all means, follow all these rules, and surely you will attract the “right person.”  Then there is the definition of love, and what true love means. 532 more words


Wednesday Relationship Quote

“I think togetherness is a very important ingredient to family life.” (Barbara Bush)

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Esther Perel and ownership

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I’ve recently finished reading Esther Perel’s Mating in intimacy (Perel, 2006). What a great book. Highly recommended, not only to couples’ therapists or even psychotherapists. 291 more words


Local - Storm Warning: 4

Feeling Type: “The Individualist”
Orientation: Feeling
Expression: Thinking
Subordinate: own Acting
Seeks: Authenticity
Short circuits in storm state:
Acting – Feeling
Thinking – Thinking

AF FA TT… 922 more words


BET Acquires Tier 2's "Couples Therapy" Film

We are very proud to announce that our film “Couples Therapy”, starring Syleena Johnson will premier on BET on Monday, March 30 @8pm!!!! The film is directed by… 24 more words

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