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Countdown UI - Minority Report

Countdown UI – Minority Report

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Countdown UI (User Interface) for the film “Minority Report” Copyright Dreamworks LLC and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation 126 more words


Radio 51, side A, track 1: "The Heat Is On" by Glenn Frey, #90 on The Top 90 of the '80s

Oh, Glenn Frey, yes!!!  It IS on!!!  Not just the heat, but everything!  If one can have a pinnacle in a radio-taping career, if one can even have a radio-taping career, this was the beginning of said pinnacle.   840 more words



Sunday. Yesterday I wrote about finding an excuse not to do something. I tried but I didn’t find any excuse to just stay watching the wall, so I went outside and mowed the lawn. 394 more words


The final countdown...

With just 5 days to go before we fly out of the UK, the countdown is now on. We’ve sold everything, and we’re now completely living out of our suitcases. 29 more words


Newyear Countdown 2015

READY to Rock

LIVE on stage

The View

LIVE on stage

half way there with the rest involve

over the top

LIVE on stage

getting ready


5 Reasons to Stay In Bogota

Me faltan 35 días hasta que salga de Bogotá!!!

And now that my watch is coming to an end, I can’t help but feel a bit sad that it’s already done. 590 more words


Mysterious Half-Life Countdown Clock!?!?

The Black Mesa Research Facility website is counting down a new mysterious timer! It appears the timer will end on May 5, an important anniversary for Gordon Freeman… 64 more words