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66 days to go

That’s not too far away really.  Looking at the forecast for the next 10 days, not the greatest but there are some glimmers of hope out there. 102 more words


Strong enough?

I sit here
Have-to’s and should’s racing around my mind
So many of them, so much to do.

I’m convinced. I need to make a start. 140 more words

Smells Like Moldy Oldies

Are you ready for more cover song greatness?  You aren’t?  Well, that’s too bad, because it’s Monday and that means we’re rolling out the next song in the countdown whether you want to hear it or not!  615 more words



Monday. I have an appointment at the aliens department. What an ugly start of the week. I have to demonstrate that I can afford living here. 426 more words


Day 29 of (kinda) detox

Today I met up with one of my best friends from university, and we discussed our business plan.
When I say business, I don’t mean business as in making money business. 182 more words


RunDisney 2016: Training Week 7

Yeah we might have skipped last week.. Dad was still recovering from his shin splints and I thought my body could do with a rest, so we had a break and continued this week.. 215 more words



Sunday. Last chapter. September 2012. I was terrified of delivering my baby. I couldn’t stop thinking about the last experience. I explained my fears to the midwife and said I’d love to have a c-section as soon as possible because I didn’t feel I could go through another delivery. 1,270 more words