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phase 2

After the first 5 minutes of our drive out of town, our oldest cat had us stopping, cleaning out his cage and upping his meds. As time rolled on, he settled in and calmed down. 63 more words

Oops, oh Linked-In, how I forget about you...

I hadn’t updated my Linked-In profile in a while. I’ve gotten emails lately from them about people checking out my profile and felt irresponsible. It still said I worked as life coach at a wellness center in the city. 218 more words


Mindfulness is the Secret to Happiness

New Research Shows That Mindfulness Is the Secret to Happiness

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New research is shedding light on the pursuit of happiness—and most of us have been looking in all the wrong places. 614 more words


The Chairman/Chief Executive of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Ahmadu Giade, has said that online anti-drug abuse/trafficking counselling services are now available to interested members of the public. 137 more words

In The News...!!!

Heart to Love

Your heart has been made to love — to love Him alone. If you find that your heart loves something else, then it is lost.

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"PTSD": A label I can cling to

When I learned I had PTSD, I felt something like relief for finally having a label for the symptoms I had been experiencing since it happened. 489 more words