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Kids, Parents, and Peace

Do your kids

  • talk back to you
  • ignore you
  • hit or kick you
  • disobey you
  • refuse to follow the rules
  • get poor grades
  • refuse to do what you tell them to…
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Law Enforcement Family Stress: When Counseling Counts

Police culture still struggles with acknowledging the serious effects that long-term exposure to traumatic events has on an officer’s mental and physical health. These events can be harmful even for officers who have displayed resilience throughout their careers. 547 more words

Criminal Justice/Criminology

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Spring Has Sprung

Well, friends, it’s been a couple of months since I have last updated you on my progress. In that time, a number of changes have occurred. 475 more words

Mental Health

The Weight Is Lifting

Having a good day has been a rare occurrence for me for a while now.
The fact that I can say that yesterday and today have… 1,310 more words

My train was derailing and I thought I was fine.

   I turned in my resignation, things did not go as plan. Thank GOD. My job called me into Human Resources and advised me that I needed to talk with employee assistance. 965 more words