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Review: Comfort the Grieving

Paul Tautges. Comfort the Grieving. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2014. 128 pp. $9.71.

I can honestly admit to having never read a book like Paul Tautges… 783 more words


Take back your power

I spent a few weeks browsing PTSD web sites and Facebook pages.  I found I was getting frustrated with what appeared to me a feeling of fatalism coming across the pages.  391 more words


God of all Comfort

A friend of mine called me unexpectedly. After we got through the small talk there was an awkward silence. I figured there was some reason why she would be calling, but whatever it was, she was having trouble getting it out. 946 more words

Insights From Scripture

Top 10 #3: Websites

  1. http://www.nctsn.org/
    The National Child  Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) has a wide variety of information on Trauma topics, treatment and services. It has resources not only for parents and caregivers, but it has also a section for professionals, military children & families, educators, for media and even a section in Spanish!
  2. 686 more words


I don’t like making decisions.  I kind of run from them.  Okay, I don’t “kind of run from them”; I take off sprinting in the opposite direction.   534 more words

Mental Illness

The Journey Back Home to Our Past . . . Is it Really Necessary?

Here is a question that many people ask–“Is it really necessary to look at my past in order to heal and move forward in my life?” You may have heard (or even said yourself) statements like, “The past is the past.”  “I can’t do anything about it now.” “What good will it do to ‘dwell’ on what’s already done?”  “I just need to learn how to do things differently from here on out.”  Some may even refer to the writing of the Apostle Paul in Philipians 3:13 where he states that… 565 more words

Healing Ministry

I hate the "learning curve"

I wanted to become a counselor to help people, to make a difference in somebody’s life, to believe in a student when they feel no one else does. 64 more words