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That thing, relationships and my side of the bed...

There was a time in my life where I believed that I would never feel “that thing”… You know, the butterflies and giddiness, the forever-love warm and fuzzies, the our-future-is-so-bright-we-have-to-wear-shades, the I-can’t-imagine-my-life-without-you love.. 385 more words


Not Perfect, but I Could have Been Better

I’m refluxy. I’m over tired. I’m in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m a little mad at myself. I’m here for a big symposium/conference, but I’m by myself. Surprisingly, the research community at this conference and of my actual area of expertise don’t overlap as much as I think they should. 437 more words


Today is the greatest...

…Saturday in May where I have my kids. So far. I guess I get two more May weekends to get it right if this one goes awry. 248 more words

70 Things Worse than Heartbreak

  1. Standing on an upturned plug.
  2. Crumbs in the bed.
  3. Going to eat the second half of your Twix and realising you already have.
  4. Dropping the handle of your cutlery in your food.
  5. 448 more words

A Liebster Award from Rachel across the pond

Another spring season to savor. It’s time for the greening our our world. Soon in Syracuse, I say to myself on this Saturday morning. Soon. … 1,240 more words


just take them

Re: OFFER: Drywall buckets with handles — Petworth

Taker: Great. Trying to work out when I could stop by. Where are you located?

Me: . How many do you want? 113 more words

Could Be Worse