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The Beach Diaries 2015 -- #3 in an Occasional Series

A woman berates her husband in angry Polish, as they watch a family-sized bag of Doritos blow away down the beach.

Days like today are packed with families, like that’s the totally normal way to live, and not to slink down here on your own just to find something to blog about. 1,122 more words

Photoshoots with EeVee Cosplay

Last weekend I got the chance to have a lovely set of photoshoots with my wonderful other half – EeVee Cosplay. She has great visionary in what to do for poses and location scouting  (and this was my first ever location based cosplay photoshoot,) whereas I just do post processing mostly in… 165 more words

Norwich Big Geek Meet

Around two weekends or so ago, I went to Anime League’s Norwich Big Geek Meet. It was the first ever Norwich meet and it was a great success with around 70 odd people who turned up. 109 more words


The Line between Fandom and Friendship

Social media and networking are at an all time high. Almost everyone Is connected somehow through the Internet — Celebrities to their fans, artists to their supporters, families to their distant relatives, and friends to friends of friends. 601 more words


Mighty Con: A Look at the DuPage County Comic Con! #Cosplay

The DuPage Comic Con put on by Mighty Con is a two day event that occurred over the weekend of June 27th and 28th. It was held at the DuPage County Fairgrounds and was a great event. 128 more words

Comic Books

Spider-Man and Link at @militaryparknwk today. #latergram #park #Downtown #Newark #cosplay #cosplayers #sunny #SpiderMan #Link (at Military Park Building)

Guy walks through @militaryparknwk, sees cosplayers and zombies, goes to person he’s talking to on phone: “Okay, I think I walked through a portal or something… WHERE’S NEWARK?!” LOL #funny #cosplay #cosplayers #Newark #MilitaryPark #fun #catgirl #nekogirl #catears #catlife #decora #truelove #pink #park #NYANVIDA (at Military Park Building)