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For the Love of Cosplay

Some do cosplay out of their love for the characters and costumes, some for their great passion for the art. But how is cosplay as a paying career? 127 more words



We have just booked an awesome cosplay guest to appear at Conatron! We will be announcing them soon.. so stay tuned for details! :)

Kantai Collection Kancolle Kaga Cosplay+Costume

Kaga has long brown hair, usually done in a side ponytail. She is usually wearing a muneate over white and blue clothes along with a bow and arrow. 36 more words


Amanami diary

Make Deadpool troll Nico is so fun

Kantai Collection Kancolle Akagi Cosplay+Costume

“I’m the aircraft carrier, Akagi. As part of the core of the Mobile Strike Force, I support the victorious advances. Together with my pride experienced planes, we were called the invincible fleet. 68 more words


Lady Cyclops Cosplay WIP

Hello lovelies! I’m adding another X-Men to my repertoire and I’m super excited! Here’s a few WIP pics of my genderbent CYCLOPS! It’s about 90% done (i.e. 80 more words


[Late Report Event] Seishun no Matsuri 2015

Event Jejepangan pertama yang diadakan oleh kampus STPBI. Gomen, tidak terlalu ngeh dengan kepanjangannya, tapi yang jelas ini adalah salah satu kampus pariwisata di Bali yang terkenal cukup elit. 343 more words

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