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Annshella and Nikita Cosplay Interview at London Super Comic Con 2015

I interviewed Annshella and Nikita Cosplay, London Super Comic Con Cosplay Championships 2014, who returned this year to judge the contest. The talented pair discussed cosplay, prop building, ECG final costumes and Princess Starla and the jewel riders!


Mommy and Me Cosplay Interview - Mother's Day Special

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Here is a special interview with Jannelle aka Mommy and Me Cosplay from America. You may recognise as Catwoman, who she cosplayed along with her two daughters aged 6 and 7 making the ultimate Catwoman family – meow! 325 more words


Cosplayer of the week: Jinxie Interview

This week the spotlight is on Jinxie, Texas based veteran cosplayer who also studied costume design. You may know her for her kick ass Ryuko from Kill La Kill. 590 more words

Cosplayer Of The Week

Cosplayer of the Week - Week 3

We’ve missed a few weeks with this segment and I’m truly sorry for that! I’m going to try and keep this as a weekly post! 672 more words


Cosplayer of the week: Castiel - Angel of the Lord Cosplay Interview

 Castiel – Angel from the Lord Cosplay known for his awesome Cas from our favourite show Supernatural starring Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, shares his love of Supernatural, who he ships and how he made those magnificent wings! 999 more words


Cosplayer of the Week - Week 1

A new and smaller segment here on Shoujo Sisters! I decided that since cosplay is such a popular thing online having a cosplayer of the week would be a good thing to have! 147 more words


Cosplayer of the Week Special: World Cosplay Summit Team 2014

Emi-zone and Felixize represented the UK in the World Cosplay Summit this year. These amazing cosplayers shared with us what this extraordinary experience was like and the cultural difference between cosplay in the UK and Japan. 878 more words