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The Trials of Cosplay

As you know, we are intrigued by cosplay and the cosplayers who do this either for leisure or professionally.

We occasionally come across various articles about cosplay and wanted to share this particular one here. 556 more words


Image of the Day- Helloooo Monday!

Don’t know why I feel like a freight train hit me this morning, maybe the lack of sleep from the entire weekend, or maybe just the fact that it is Monday…again.   44 more words

MKS Images

Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 3/30/15

FFX’s Jecht might have been a jackass, and *spoiler* the villain of the game, if you consider the whole “I got absorbed by an eldrtich abomination but my jackassery more than likely helped that along” (why are you never simple Final Fantasy?), in a pretty blatant “my father is the ultimate jackass/daddy issues paradigm *end spoiler* but Rule 63 Jecth is definitely rocking the roguish but hot almost piratey look, which isn’t half bad considering the world of FFX was mostly water and islands.


Ken V Adon

So at the Birmingham MCM expo I got to shoot with 2 really awesome guys.

Thaitan Cosplay (Adon) and King of the North Cosplays (Ken) 26 more words



I recently purchased a cheap dry erase board, and on it wrote: “Please post blog topics.” Sure enough, one of my roommate’s took the bate, and now I have to do a post about “Mermicorns,” the only mythical beast that is suitable for aquatic travel by The Great Leader, Kim Jung Un! 227 more words


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 3/29/15

Well crap guys…I was going to post this as today’s cosplay, but upon reviewing the site, it appears the entire thing is photoshopped. Now I have no issue whatsoever with photoshop, if it is used to… 110 more words