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GM Says You Don't Own Your Car

Even if you’ve paid off your car, it can’t run without the proprietary software inside of it, and that’s only licensed to you, so technically you own a big hunk of metal and plastic and not a functional automobile. 61 more words


Justice Department Declines Charges in Private Prison Scandal

Corrections Corporation of America allegedly defrauded the state of Idaho by knowingly understaffing a prison so violent that the company refers to it as “Gladiator School” and falsifying staffing records by tens of thousands of hours. 133 more words

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Links Between Faith, Science Denial Charted

Not all religious people are anti-science. Many Christians have issues with evolution, and “end times” Christians don’t worry a lot about climate change. None of that is particularly surprising. 112 more words


United States Continues To Arm Islamic State

The US sends arms to Iraqi security forces so they can fight the Islamic State. They become overwhelmed, and the US weapons end up in the hands of the Islamic State. 64 more words


Oil Spill Spreads Across 9 Miles of Pacific

105,000 gallons of oil is polluting the California coast right now. It is unknown why the system did not shut off automatically to limit the amount of oil spilled, as it is designed to do, but evidence is coming to light that the person in charge allegedly has prior infractions for not following safety protocols. 70 more words