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One Day #WithoutShoes - How TOMS is getting consumer sustainability spot on

It’s fair to say that getting sustainability right is a challenge for most companies; it’s even harder when you throw consumers into the mix. However, every now and then a campaign comes along that makes you sit up and take notice. 401 more words


Amazon Smile gives 0,5% of your cart to a charity you love

There must be a reason why Amazon Smiles program isn’t very well known, but it is quite a good move for such an important Internet player. 289 more words

Little Smart Ways To Save The Planet

There is a way to do it better...

Social Business models are empowering companies to develop innovative business ideas targeting new markets while fighting poverty. It is not about developing lower standard products but about championing employees as ‘social intrapeneurs’ to incubate initiatives that will challenge the current marketing plan economics.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Protect Your Working Environment

Big cities have so many potential projects to bargain and do. The bigger the project, the more obstacles you meet on the road. When it comes to big project, you must have a deal with provincial government and your reputation as contractor must be reliable as society has seen many irresponsible contractors because they keep growing up the number of buildings without concerning about Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR. 348 more words

Big Cities

Redden Your Nose and Join In or Do Even More?

Today is Red Nose Day. “Say what?” you ask.

Red Nose Day is a big thing in the United Kingdom and it has been for 30 years where it has raised billions of British pounds to end poverty. 921 more words


Investing in CSR equity

Can we assess the equity accumulated by the CSR field during more than 20 years? Can we assess the equity of a specific company CSR strategy and programme? 12 more words

Corporate Social Responsibility

Connect the dots

How Corporate Social Responsibility can be leveraged and redesigned for private individuals? How individuals can benefit from expertise and tools developed within the CSR field?

Corporate Social Responsibility