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What Happened to Mark Zuckerberg's $100 Million to Transform Newark Schools?

This is not a new article. It was published last May in The New Yorker. For some reason, I did not post it at the time. 660 more words

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Texas: Senate Leaders Lay Out Plan to Destroy Public Education

Texas Republican leaders in the state senate unveiled their ambitious plan to enact the ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) agenda for privatization of public education. … 297 more words

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Teacher: We Are Pawns in Someone Else's Game

Teacher Philip Kaplan left the following comment on the blog:

The plight of Our Children, our schools and our nation

The ranks of special education students are swelling, and as the breakdown of society continues to impact the ability of public schools to deliver resources and services, the crisis deepens. 2,638 more words

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My Review of Denny Taylor's "Save Our Children, Save Our School, Pearson Broke the Golden Rule"

Denny Taylor is Professor Emerita of Literacy Studies at Hofstra University. She has won many awards for her writing about literacy and literature. She is also the founder and CEO of Garn Press, which published the book I am reviewing (and also published Anthony Cody’s… 655 more words

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The Network for Public Education Endorses Bennett Kayser for LAUSD School Board

The Network for Public Education has endorsed Bennett Kayser for re-election to the Los Angeles school board. Kayser is a retired educator. He is a strong supporter of public education. 333 more words

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Jeanne Kaplan: Reform Isn't Working in Denver

Jeannie Kaplan, who was elected to two terms on the Denver school board, explains here that reform has not worked despite a lavish PR campaign to boast of “results.” … 236 more words

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Chicago: Rahm Emanuel in Runoff with Chuy Garcia

In a surprise result, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel failed to receive 50% plus one of the vote and was forced into a runoff with Jesus “Chuy” Garcia. 427 more words

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