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Superintendent William Cala: "We Can No Longer Remain Silent"

Watch Superintendent William Cala, as he eviscerates the so-called reform movement, including charter schools, the private money that shapes the politics of education, the reformers’ indifference to poverty, their refusal to acknowledge the root causes of low test scores, and the mandate that we all have to raise our voices and take action to stop the takeover of our schools. 15 more words

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Long Island School Board Member: A Time to Speak Out

Ali Gordon, a school board member in the Comsewogue school district on Long Island, Néw York, believes that it is time to stand up and speak out. 1,253 more words

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Salon: How the Rich Blame the Poor for Being Poor

Paul Rosenberg, writing at Salon, is outraged that many super-wealthy people–and their apologists at the NY Times–blame poverty on the lifestyles of the poor.

He writes: … 616 more words

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Leonie Haimson: Is the Battle Over School Reform Between Unions and Rich Liberals, or Between the 1% and Everyone Else?

Leonie Haimson is fed up with the line that the mainstream media has taken about education controversies. Reporters usually think that every protest is organized by the unions, defending their self-interest, and they are warring with high-minded reformers. 269 more words

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MUST READ: Revelations of a Disillusioned Reformer


This is a remarkable and candid story of Jorge Cabrera, who joined the reform movement as a believer. He wanted to help the children of Bridgeport, where he grew up. 1,176 more words

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Denver: if All Else Fails, Silence Critics

Jeannie Kaplan was an elected member of the Denver school board for two terms. She is a steadfast critic of the “reforms” in Denver in recent years. 58 more words


The Disaster of Free-Market Reform in Chile: Is This Our Model?

Why do we refuse to learn from successful nations? The top ten high-performing nations do not test every child every year.

Why aren’t we willing to learn from educational disasters in other nations? 673 more words

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