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Kernewek Lowender & the Copper Coast

When I relocated to South Australia, little did I know that I was following in the footsteps of thousands of Cornish folk who came before me… 634 more words


Food-Cornish Pasties!


EEE! After my little jolly to Devon, and after tasting some yum pasties, I decided to give making them a go. Please ignore the photo’s but they’ll have to do… 461 more words


Cornish Pasty Drive Thru

not sure it’s what the world’s been waiting for

or whether, on it’s own, it’s enough to entice ‘ratty‘ or ‘multifarious meanderings… 39 more words


Return to the Promised Land

E’rr-Zsjaverr!! I say to myself as I’m stood on the platform waiting for the first (of many) trains to get from Barnetby (North) to Penmere (v v South). 207 more words


The Food of Cornwall

A big part of travel is exploring new foods, tasting new tastes and eating out. Despite Cornwall being not so far away from London, there are definitely some food treats that they are famous for: 365 more words


Cornish Pasty Recipe

There are plenty of pasty shops in Cornwall and a lot of them are pretty good but nothing beats making your own.

When I was growing up my mum would make pasties maybe once a month for everyone but each pasty would take up whole plate and be hanging off the sides! 229 more words


French Food on a budget: Chaussons à la viande

One look at the pic illustrating this French recipe and I was sold. Let’s face it: a chausson à la viande looks very much like… 874 more words